Both parties exchanged proposals on pay increases. With the help of PIPSC economist, Ryan Campbell, your union demonstrated the disparity between the CP Group’s CO and PG rates of pay and that of those performing same or similar duties in the Core Public Service and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our pay analysis will be posted shortly on the CP Group webpage. The union’s first pay proposal included actual and forecasted cost of living increases and pay parity.

We understand the impatience you may have as you see that other agreements, such as those with PSAC and CAPE, have been signed and implemented. We would like to remind you that bargaining is a very long process, as we saw with the PIPSC AFS Group negotiations which just concluded.

We continue to ask for your patience and support as we have your interests at heart. We will take the time necessary to fight for all CP members: COs and PGs.

Our next meeting is planned for November. If you have any questions, please contact the bargaining team at

Please check out the CP Bargaining Facebook Group page  and/or CP Bargaining Instagram page.

In solidarity,

Your CP bargaining team, PIPSC

Andrée F. Doucet, CP President
Susan L. Evans
Adam Gray
Howard Hoa
Lyne Laroque
Olivia Leung
Ray J. Paquette
Don Samker