The classification grievance submitted by PIPSC put forward arguments to support an upward reclassification of the Supervisor, Inspection and Advisory Services (SR-03) job description to SR-04. Because these arguments are based on a technical analysis of the job description as written against the classification standard, members do not, generally, participate in classification grievance hearings.

The employer recently released the classification grievance committee report and it is disappointing to hear that the employer denied all recommendations put forward by PIPSC.  Based on the employer’s decision on this classification grievance, PIPSC is submitting an application for judicial review to the Federal Court.  Judicial review is a process by which an independent court reviews the employer’s decision to determine if it was reasonable.  The court can order the employer to review its decision; however, they cannot order a specific outcome.

While this result is disappointing, it does not necessarily affect other classification grievance hearings.  PIPSC will continue to bring forward the other SR classification grievances.  All grievors will be contacted via email as their file comes up.

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