Update from the Regulatory Science (SR) Joint Consultation Committee on SR Standardised Job Review


On behalf of the Joint Consultation Committee (JCC) of the CFIA and PIPSC, we would like to update you on the progress of the Regulatory Science (SR) standardized job description (SJD) review.

As previously announced, representatives from Corporate Classification and Organizational Design (CCOD) worked with PIPSC and Branch Management to identify a representative sample of SRs in each SJD for the Job Validation Review (JVR) process.  Selected participants filled out a JVR questionnaire about their job, including providing examples of how they conduct the Key Activities mentioned in their SJD. To date, participants from Complaints and Appeals, Science, Operations, and Human Resources Branches have received and completed their respective questionnaires.

Currently, CCOD is focusing on writing the JVR summary reports for the 115 completed questionnaires for the Science and Operation Branches. While the JVR’s main purpose is to ascertain whether there is coincidence between the work performed and the SJD assigned, these reports are also used by the job evaluation committees to better understand the work during the evaluation process. The JVR process includes writing concise reports which summarize employees’ responses without changing the intent.  Because the average JVR questionnaire was thirty to fifty pages, we expect the summaries to take some time to put together. Please note, all questionnaires are being read and analyzed to their full extent so as to ensure the HR advisors understand the nature of the work. These questionnaires will also be placed as an addendum to the report so the classification committees can refer to participants’ original wording to seek further clarification. 

Some participants may be contacted with additional questions or clarifications on the information they provided in their questionnaire.  When a report is finalized, it is given to the JVR participant for comment and signature.  

JVR summary reports have been sent to participants in Science Branch and Operations Branch for comment and signature. Employees in Human Resources Branch and Complaints and Appeals can expect to receive theirs this fall.

The selected participants from Policy and Programs Branch and International Affairs Branch can expect to receive their JVR questionnaires by early fall.

Classification job evaluation committees are targeted to begin this fall with classification decisions being released by June 2022.

Some employees have previously requested their mapping be reviewed as part of the JVR process. Mapping looks at matching the work you regularly do to the appropriate SJD. All remapping considerations, based on the JVR, will be brought back to JCC for further discussion. This work is ongoing.

Should you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your manager and/or union representative. 

We look forward to confirming all the interesting and important work our SR employees do and thank you for your patience with this process.

The Joint Consultation Committee (CFIA & PIPSC)