Dear Members,

I wanted to take the time to write to you with an update on your CFIA S&A Group bargaining. I have heard from many of you about your frustration with the length of the process. As other Groups have settled and signed agreements I am well aware that your Group is still waiting. I hope this note helps address your concerns and lets you know the steps your bargaining team and I are taking to get you a fair deal.

This round of bargaining has been very complex due to the efforts made to negotiate a new pay scale for the updated classification standard. We are adamant that with the new classification standard must also come pay equivalency with your counterparts in the core public administration. This has taken a lot of effort and many conversations between myself and senior management at the CFIA and the Treasury Board. My goal through these discussions is to lead your Group back to the table this September and to finish this round of negotiations once and for all.

I know your bargaining team has been working very hard on your behalf. They have done the utmost to encourage the employer to expedite the process. I can confidently share that delays have not been on our side. Although we expected it take longer due to the new classification standard, we have not felt the employer has always been ready, willing and able to come to the negotiating table. We have even threatened the employer with a bargaining in bad faith complaint if not resolved soon. Hopefully through my efforts, I will able to leverage all of the hard work done by your bargaining team and finally get us to the finish line. I know you can expect regular updates from your bargaining team as we get closer to a deal.

We thank you for your patience and continued support.

Better Together!

Debi Daviau

PIPSC President