On behalf of the Joint Consultation Committee (JCC) of the CFIA and PIPSC, we would like to update you on the progress of the Regulatory Science (SR) standardized job descriptions (SJD) review.

As previously announced, after a thorough review by both SRs and management representatives, CFIA and PIPSC came to a mutual agreement on all SR SJDs early this summer. Following this, management and PIPSC representatives conducted a preliminary mapping exercise to match the SJDs to each SR. The final documents, including which SJD you have been mapped to, will be made available on your branch’s SharePoint site in late November, following the ongoing branch-specific SJD Information Sessions for SRs. 

Following the information sessions, we encourage you to review your SJD and discuss any questions or concerns you have with your supervisor and S&A Group steward. They can assist you in understanding the open-ended language used in these broad documents and consult with JCC representatives as needed.

They are also able to assist you with:

  • Remapping: If you believe the work you regularly perform is better described by a different SJD, your steward or supervisor can review these documents with you. If necessary, they can make a request that the JCC review the circumstances. Should the JCC find there to be a possible mismatch between the work performed and the SJD, the JCC may recommend your position be further investigated for possible remapping to a different SJD.
  • Job description wording: If you believe you have the correct SJD, but an important, routine aspect of your work is not captured anywhere, your steward or supervisor can review the document with you. While these SJDs are final, in the extremely unlikely event a serious omission has been made, the steward or supervisor can identify the issue to the JCC for review.

If either of these situations apply to you, it is important you bring them forward to your supervisor and/or S&A Steward before December 24, 2020 and prior to the start of the Job Validation Review process (formerly called On Site reviews).  

In the coming months, representatives from Corporate Classification and Organizational Design will work with the PIPSC and management to identify a representative sample of SRs in each SJD for the JVR process. If you are selected, you will be informed by your supervisor. JVRs are used to determine if there is coincidence between the content of the SJDs and the work being performed and can result in a better understanding of the work. This will, in turn, be used as part of the employer-led classification exercises, which will take place on a rolling basis in the coming months.

Job Validation Reviews will consist of a written questionnaire. You will be informed once the classification decision is determined. 

We look forward to sharing these new, robust job descriptions with you and thank you for your participation in and patience with this process.

-The Joint Consultation Committee (CFIA & PIPSC)


PS:  PIPSC has also designated Job Ambassadors for many of the SR roles.  These are SRs who assisted with the review process and can help you to review your new SJD.