If you have a problem with the classification of your SR job, please carefully fill out the form below to provide PIPSC with the information needed to advance your file.

Submit this form to dispute the employer’s classification of your current job or an SR job you held for 3 months or more since 2015. You can submit this form regardless of your current status (retired, employed as an SR, employed elsewhere, etc). If you have held more than one job since 2015 you wish to dispute, you must submit this form for each job.

Please disconnect from the government’s VPN and use a personal device in order to ensure the form loads below.

Read through the form and prepare the required documentation before starting. You must complete the form in one session.

The deadline to grieve the employer’s classification decision is only 65 days from the day the classification decision was sent. For most members, this will be September 5, 2022. To give PIPSC time to process your grievance, you must submit your classification grievance request form by August 28, 2022.

Information required

Classification issues for the 6 jobs we have identified as under-classified require no special information other than a rough estimate of your employment history with CFIA since 2015 (positions held, department, dates, and acting/substantive status).

  • You don't need to include short term acting assignments (3 months or fewer)
  • If you previously grieved the classification of this job and the employer has recently cancelled/rejected your grievance, please provide a copy of the email/letter from the employer

Classification issues for any job not identified as under-classified must include a written justification.

  • Please prepare a detailed statement comparing the classification of your job to SR jobs with the classification you wish to obtain
  • Provide examples of tasks included in your current job description that are similar to tasks in jobs with the classification you desire