The CFIA has recently distributed the unclassified Standardized Job Descriptions (SJD) to Regulatory Science (SR) members via each branch’s SharePoint website.

Please review the SJD assigned to you as well as other SJDs in your branch before December 24. Note that the deadline has been extended from December 11 to December 24.

We have exceptionally negotiated an informal, expedited review program for members who have concerns with the mapping of their role. You have until December 24 to submit a request to have your SJD or mapping revisited.

If you believe a different SJD better corresponds to the work that you do, we encourage you to reach out to an SR steward in addition to your supervisor. We have also designated Job Ambassadors (listed below) for most of the jobs.

Job Ambassadors are SR members who have been involved in the review process and understand the new SJDs. Like your local steward, Job Ambassadors can discuss the meaning of the new SJDs with you to ensure that the typical, important aspects of your work are correctly described. If you have spoken with your Job Ambassador and remain convinced that the work you are doing is better described by another SJD, your Job Ambassador can help you submit a remapping request webform. We will subsequently request your position be considered for a remapping.

If you believe you have the correct SJD, but that the SJD has missed an important, typical aspect of the work, the Job Ambassador will flag the issue to our classification team. While these SJDs are final, we are able to request the cancellation of a SJD in the event of a serious omission.

Your supervisor is also able to submit remapping and SJD cancellation requests. However, to ensure nothing is missed, we suggest you pass through a Job Ambassador – even if your supervisor has already agreed to do it.

After December 24, the employer will begin to select candidates for Job Validation Reviews (formerly known as Desk Audits). Job Validations Reviews (JVRs) are used to better understand the work being done. This informs the classification committee’s decision on classification. With the help of the Job Ambassadors, we will be reviewing the list of proposed JVR candidates to ensure it captures all of the work being done across the agency. If we identify any missing information, we will propose additional JVR candidates.

Starting in the new year, the employer will distribute questionnaires to the JVR candidates. Should you be selected, we recommend you reach out to your designated Job Ambassador. They can provide feedback and suggestions to ensure you are providing robust, comprehensive responses with sufficient documentation and support. A representative group of JVR candidates and strong, evidence-supported JVR questionnaire answers are key to obtaining a fair and accurate classification decision.

  Job Ambassador Email
Head Science Laboratory Services John Devenish
Science Authority PIPSC
Science Laboratory Evaluator Anna-Mary Schmidt
Supervisor, Science Laboratory Standards Compliance PIPSC
Science Laboratory Standards Compliance Officer PIPSC
Science Laboratory Specialist
Jonathan Hache
Science Specialist Hussein Hussein
Supervisor Science Laboratory Services Lisa Kirkham
Meghan Kinahan
National Manager Science Program PIPSC
National Science Advisor PIPSC
Science Analyst PIPSC
Science Laboratory Manager PIPSC
Science Leader PIPSC


Policy and Program Analyst PIPSC  
Policy and Program Technical Leader PIPSC
Policy and Program Team Leader PIPSC
Policy and Program Manager PIPSC
Policy and Program Specialist PIPSC
Head Science Training Unit Paul Jonah
National Science Training Specialist Paul Jonah
Sr. Science Advisor Complaints & Appeals PIPSC
Inspection Advisor (formerly Regional Program Officer) Rachel Massé
Operational Specialist André Youssef
Senior Inspector (formerly Senior Compliance Officer)

Craig Lanning
Zelko Ruzicic
Naresh Sharma

Senior Operational Advisor (formerly Operational Leader) Fred Jamieson
Supervisor Inspection and Advisory Services (formerly Inspection Specialist)

April Ingraham
Steven Saville

Excellence System Specialist Stéphanie Fréchette
Operational Manager (formerly Manager - Operational Services) Fred Jamieson