SUBJECT: Progress Report on the SR Job Content and Classification Grievances

Dear Members of the CFIA-S&A Group,

We are pleased to inform you that PIPSC has resumed work on the grievances submitted by members in the spring of 2016. From November 2018 through July 2019 PIPSC Classification Specialists will be building the cases for the job content grievances in Science and Operations Branches and presenting them to the CFIA. Classification grievances are held in abeyance pending those results.

To prepare the best possible case, along with supporting evidence, they’ll need the assistance of a few volunteer spokespeople who can detail the complexity of the work and the responsibilities of the position, and liaise with others in the role descriptor group to gather and disseminate information. A spokesperson may additionally volunteer to participate at the hearing presentation along with the Classification Officer in order to provide supporting information and answer questions.

The time commitment while building the case is expected to be about 15 hours over the space of a few weeks, followed by approximately 4-6 hours directly ahead of presentation to the CFIA.

Please send an email to Kristy Jackson at by October 25 to advise of your interest to be a spokesperson for your role descriptor. We will confirm participation shortly thereafter. Please note that members from the Senior Compliance Officer group who have already communicated with Naresh Sharma and/or Zeljko Ruzicic do not need to reconfirm their interest.

CFIA-S&A Group Executive