In April, your bargaining representatives met informally with the Employer in an effort to move negotiations forward. The last remaining points of contention are the SR pay rates, we have clearly communicated our expectations on these rates of pay numerous times, and we continue to do so.

In June, your bargaining team met to discuss strategy and reiterate our position on the SR pay scales. This has been communicated to Employer and we continue to work with the Employer to find future bargaining dates. We are hoping for a resumption of formal negotiations very soon in order to conclude the collective agreement.

The overall slow response by the Employer to bargaining team demands pertaining to the SR pay scales continues. We disagree with the Employer’s choice of comparators for the specific SR levels. This disagreement has contributed to the long delays in reaching a contract. If we rush this issue, at this time, we believe it will have a negative impact on a very large percentage of our members, both now and moving forward. The bargaining team could not have anticipated this time line. We have always been ready to go to the bargaining table at a moment’s notice.

At this time, your bargaining team is waiting on the Employer for a response to the SR pay issue. At the same time, the most senior levels of PIPSC continue to work with the Employer, as well as Treasury Board, on a solution.

We ask that you continue to support your bargaining team's efforts. We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Your Bargaining Team