Our last update was January 22, 2018 and we had stated that we will keep you informed of further developments. Unfortunately, there have been no developments for the last 3 months, until today.

For reasons that are not clear to your Bargaining Team, the Employer did not engage us in February, as promised. As professionals we waited patiently for the Employer to get back to us, as they had promised. As we entered the month of March, your bargaining team asked Debbie Daviau, President of PIPSC to contact Mr. Paul Glover, President of the CFIA to determine what the reasons were for the delay, what was now a three month period since our last bargaining session, as we waited for the Employer to come back to us, as promised.

Finally, on March 20, 2018, the Employer approached the PIPSC negotiator, representing the CFIA S&A group, and has asked to meet to discuss the possibility of another bargaining session. Your Bargaining Team are hoping this meeting leads to the re-engagement in bargaining and a conclusion to an extremely long bargaining and a collective agreement for the CFIA S&A membership.   

We will keep you informed of further developments and will notify you when we have a definite date set for our next bargaining round.

Your Bargaining Team