Please see the message below about reimbursement of transportation costs for AFS members from the CRA Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Commissioner.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Doug Mason, AFS Group President, at

FROM: CRA Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Commissioner


The purpose of this message is to inform you that the Agency will reimburse transportation costs such as parking, taxi, Uber and mileage for employees who provide critical services and who must travel to their place of work.

Under normal circumstances, employees are responsible to get to their permanent workplace by their own means and at their own cost. However, due to the situation (COVID-19), the employee can seek approval from their manager to use another mode of transportation and to claim the incurred transportation costs.

In accordance with the Travel Directive, the manager must pre-authorize the mode of transportation based on reasonability of costs, duration, convenience, safety and practicality.

The detailed communication has been posted on Infozone – Agency News.

For additional information, managers and employees may refer to the Travel Directive or contact the Financial Services unit via Winfast.

Managers should make sure that staff who do not have access to email receive this information.