AFS Summerside Sub-group 2022 Annual General Meeting minutes

WHEN: Thursday, December 8th, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Wilmot community Center - 110 Gillespie Ave, Summerside, PE 

Chatting and Pizza

Attendees – Dave Black, Cyril Williams, James ?, Kristine Arsenault, Richard Karis, Carl Morgan, Leslie Hill, Sheila Shea, Peggy Malone, Jeff White, Jeff Gallant, Matt Yeo, Guest speaker Gerald Hill

  1. Leslie Hill welcomes everyone
  2. New agenda approved
  3. Previous minutes read by Jeff White and adopted – Approved by Jeff Gallant, seconded by Sheila Shea
  4. No business to discuss
  5. Approval of budget – treasury report presented by Jeff Gallant - Approved by Leslie Hill, seconded by Jeff White
  6. Jeff Gallant proposed a $500 donation to the Food Bank - $250 to Charlottetown, $250 to Summerside. Approved by a vote 13-0
  7. Questions
  1. Cyril – Why was no allotment given? Gerald Hill responded – if the bank balance is greater than 1.5 times the allotment then you do not receive anything. (e.g. 2021 account balance $4,186 – no allotment given; 2022 projected balance to be $521 therefore an allotment of $1,900 is expected)
  2. James - What were the expenses in 2022? Jeff Galant answered that the treasury report showed both actual and proposed expenses and cleared up some confusion.
  3. What expenditures would you like to see in the coming year? Group discussion lead to idea of contributing to bbq’s and team events outside of work.
  1. Leslie Hill presents regarding the AFS in June that she attended
  1. 100 + trees were planted in Charlottetown by PIPSC members
  2. AFS meet and greet attended by Leslie Hill discussed member engagement
  3. Fiona Storm September 2022 and it affects to employees
  4. National Pres Subgroup meeting – issues on workloads being passed to lower level employees (e.g. SP doing AU work), bargaining updates.
  5. Bargaining for Collective Agreement – 50+ requests, wages on the table at end.
  1. Concerning negotiations – Can PIPSC communicate electronically? Zoom not as good as face to face – How to contact members? -personal emails, government does not allow use of their systems.
  2. Donations replace coffee and treats for members. Due to having to spend the money in the account. Our donation of $500 was split between the Charlottetown and Summerside food banks last year; this amount was matched by PIPSC last year but not this year.
  3. Tribute to Stewards by Leslie, thanks from president to stewards on behalf of all members. “In solidarity, thank you”
  4. Introduction of Gerald Hill, treasurer for the Atlantic region
  1. Gerald thanked executive and encouraged new members
  2. He has been a steward for 12 years and is an IT advisor for Shared Services. He got involved as a member of OSH committee. He worked on the Bill C-27 issue regarding pension requirements. The bill was retracted. Currently pensions for new employees start at age 60 but older employees are still at 55
  3. Gerald presented on a variety of topics, such as:
  1. PIPSC structure – Branches, Groups and sub-groups
  1. Branches – support members, proposals
  2. Groups (e.g. Atlantic region) – own constitutions, determine collective bargaining objectives/demands, select team, approve/reject settlements, keep members informed
  3. Sub-group (e.g. AFS Charlottetown, AFS Summerside) – submit proposals for collective bargaining
  1. Services available – leadership skills, Committees, Consultation teams, Advisory Council
  1. Leadership skill courses are available and presented regularly
  2. Committees
  3. Consultation teams – negotiators, OSHA, Contract, Healthcare plan, Dental plan
  4. Advisory Council – group chairs and president deal with matters from board of directors
  1. Events from group/branch – 
  1. Member Christmas social gathering, December 19th all branch members welcome. Fun fun fun at Pony Boat in Charlottetown (foosball, ping pong, drinks)
  2. Bowling in Summerside in the spring
  3. Summer events for families – e.g. Shining Waters
  4. Fall – Ball night in Charlottetown
  5. Regional stewards council in Halifax, 2.5 days – training stewards (Oct 20-21)
  6. Moncton Feb 9-11th executive training
  7. Network events in March – 40-45 people
  8. Youth engagement
  9. Steward checkins / lunch and learns
  1. ERO – Employment Relation Offices – facilitate grievances; lawyers and legal background
  2. RANDs – signed members can do these
  1. Many things to participate in like meetings, board, executive
  1. Training – is offered as needed (i.e. if there are many new stewards they will offer steward training). Other types of training include:
  1. OSHA – Occupational health and safety
  2. Leadership
  3. Grievance
  4. Lunch and learns
  5. Care and leave
  6. Mental Health
  7. Bargaining
  8. Retirement
  1. Elections and Nominations
  1. 4 – one year positions available
  2. Carl Morgan was nominated to be a steward by Peggy Malone and he accepted
  3. Sheila Shea was nominated by Leslie Hill, seconded by Peggy Malone
  1. No new business
  2. Names were pulled from a hat to hand out three $25 Walmart gift cards (Dave Black, Kristine Arsenault, Carl Morgan)