Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Québec City AFS Sub-Group


Québec City AFS Sub-Group 2017 Annual General Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend the AGM on

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

at 5:30 p.m.

at the Resto-Brasserie Le Grand Bourg

8500 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard, Charlesbourg, QC G1G 5X1

The following guests will be in attendance:

Frédéric Durso, PIPSC Employment Relations Officer

Steve Parent, AFS Group Regional Representative


  • Given that seating is limited to 80 people, you must RSVP for the meal.  Please register no later than November 17 by notifying Justine Lachance (418‑6343197 or However, all members in good standing can attend the first part of the AGM without a reservation.

Please find the following documents attached:

  • Agenda
  • Draft minutes of the last AGM
  • Call for nominations for positions on the Executive

 * These documents will be available in electronic format only.

Please read them prior to the meeting.

Jean Couillard, CPA, CGA

Québec City AFS Sub-Group President


Québec City AFS Sub-Group

Call for Nominations

In accordance with the Québec City AFS Sub-Group By-Laws, please be advised that the Executive positions for the Québec City AFS Sub-Group (1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary [one year, 2018] and three Member-at-Large positions) are to be filled by election at the Sub-Group’s 2017 AGM, scheduled for Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

In order to expedite proceedings on the night of the AGM, nominations must be submitted in writing (a simple email) by 5 p.m. on November 17, 2017.  Each nomination must be made by a member in good standing and seconded by another member in good standing. Written nominations must be sent to the Chair of the Québec City AFS Sub-Group’s Election Committee, Michel Audet.  Members whose nominations have been submitted in writing and who expect to be absent from the 2017 AGM must advise the Election Committee in writing of their interest in the position for which they were nominated.

Jean Couillard, CPA, CGA

Québec City AFS Sub-Group President

October 2017


5:30 p.m. Call to order and amendment to the agenda

6:00 p.m. Order supper

6:30 p.m. AGM proceedings

1. Call to order and quorum by the Chair2
2. Review of the Notice of Meeting and the Agenda
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Sub-Group Executive Roll Call
5. Review and approval of the minutes of the Nov 23, 2016 meeting
6. Report of the President
7. Business arising from the minutes
8. Treasurer’s Report
Review and approval of financial statements
9. Election (Remarks by the Election Chair)

  • 1st Vice-President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Secretary (1 year, 2018)
  • Three Member-at-Large positions

10. Election of an Auditor and Alternate
11. Presentation by Frédéric Durso, PIPSC Employment Relations Officer
15 minutes
Discussion on current issues with Steve Parent, Regional Representative.
15 minutes
12. Other business
13. Adjournment


The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Québec City AFS Sub-Group

MINUTES of the Québec City AFS Sub-Group Annual General Meeting held Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at the Brasserie Le Grand Bourg, Québec City.

Executive Members present:                    

Jean Couillard

Réjean Michaud

Daniel Brouillette

Ian Charpentier

Nancy Cinq-Mars

Danick Pelletier

Justine Lachance

Eric Laplante

Eric Vaillancourt

1)       Call to Order

At 5:30 p.m., Réjean Michaud called the meeting to order, ascertained quorum and welcomed everyone. He then introduced the guests: Steve Parent, Regional Representative, and Josée Verret, President of the Union of Taxation Employees.  He also presented the Election Chair for the meeting, Michel Audet.

2)       Review of the Notice of Meeting and the Agenda

Given that members had received the Notice of Meeting and that no one had asked that it be read, Pierre Bouffard, seconded by Roger Boisvert, moved that we not read the Notice of Meeting. Réjean Michaud read the Agenda.

3)       Approval of the Agenda

Jean-Guy Bernard, seconded by Danick Pelletier, moved to adopt the agenda.


4)       Executive Roll Call

Réjean Michaud took a roll call of the attending Executive members and stated their respective roles. He announced that Francis Demers had stepped down. With the exception of Francis Demers, all of the Executive members were present.

5)       Approval of the Minutes of the November 18, 2015 Meeting

Olivier Finette, seconded by Jacques Racine, moved to adopt the November 18, 2015 minutes.


6)       Business Arising from the Minutes

Adoption of the Québec City AFS Sub-Group By-Laws

The Québec City AFS Sub-Group By-Laws were adopted last year but a few clarifications were proposed, including a clarification on the two Vice-President positions. The Executive recommended that a 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President be elected every odd year (and a Secretary every even year). This change has the advantage of clearly establishing the order of who replaces the President, if applicable.

Roger Boisvert, seconded by Danick Pelletier, moved that the report be approved.


7)       President’s Report

President Jean Couillard delivered his report, which was emailed to members after the meeting.

Jean-Guy Bernard, seconded by Jamil Jalbert, moved that the report be approved.


8)       Treasurer’s Report

Réjean Michaud read the financial statements.

Marc Taylor, seconded by Olivier Finette, moved that the financial statements be approved.


9)       Election

Election Chair Michel Audet took the floor. The elected members’ terms will end in November 2018. The following nominations were sent to Michel Audet prior to the meeting. Olivier Finette submitted the nominations and they were seconded by Justine Lachance:

-For a two-year President position: Jean Couillard

There were no further nominations following the Chair’s call for nominations. Elected by acclamation.

-For a two-year Vice-President position: Daniel Brouillette

There were no further nominations following the Chair’s call for nominations. Elected by acclamation.

-For a two-year Treasurer position: Réjean Michaud

There were no further nominations following the Chair’s call for nominations. Elected by acclamation.

-For three Member-at-Large positions: Lisanne Racine (2 years), Pascal Thibodeau (2 years) and Éric Laplante  (2 years)

There were no further nominations following the Chair’s call for nominations. Elected by acclamation.

10)     Election of an Auditor and Alternate

Réjean Michaud nominated Jamil Jalbert for the Auditor position. Seconded by Éric Laplante.

Réjean Michaud nominated Sébastien Coulombe as Alternate. Seconded by Pierre Bouffard.


11)   Discussion with Steve Parent on Upcoming Issues

Steve gave a presentation on the current grievances and the negotiations, in addition to fielding members’ questions.

- Questions on the uncomfortable office temperature experienced by many members

Steve told us that the assistant commissionaire reported to him that the defective thermostats had been changed and that the many complaints from employees helped in identifying the problem. Jean gave an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) update. He explained that an Ottawa employment relations officer came to the office last week to examine the OHS situation in our building. However, if that does not prove to be sufficient, it is conceivable that a complaint will be filed with Human Resources and Skills Development. For that reason (Steve supported Jean on this point), it is crucial for employees who are uncomfortable with the heat to file complaints. The complaints will now be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Finance/Admin and the building manager are starting to take it seriously and employees have gotten their problems resolved.

-What’s happening in terms of keeping the microwaves clean?

Jean said that the employer thinks things have been resolved when there are no complaints. So we need to complain if the microwaves are still dirty.

-Is there a time code for “WinFasts”?

Jean replied that we need to ask our team leader, as team leaders can approve time codes. Steve specified that if there is no time code for employees, they can ask their team leader to take care of their WinFasts for them. Jean added that there is a Q&A section in the info-zone for general questions on the building (2575 Ste-Anne Boulevard).

 -Why do the shades have to be drawn?

Jean explained that it was necessary because the building manager used the excuse that the shades keep the heat out when explaining that he could not control the temperature. Now that we are keeping the shades down on sunny days, he will have to find a different excuse or deal with the problem and find solutions.   

Réjean Michaud drew names for door prizes.

Réjean reminded members of the bargaining support event, which is planned for December 7 in the cafeteria. Coffee and treats (to be determined) will be served to those dressed in black.

12) Adjournment

Jean-Guy Bernard moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:15. Seconded by Guy Belzile.


Justine Lachance


November 23, 2016