AFS Penticton Sub Group AGM Minutes

November 18, 2021 (Thursday)


Attendance: 23 In-Person, 12 Virtual.

Executive in attendance:

President: Simone Zobatar
Vice President: Moira Dolan
Treasurer: Stefan Dobernigg
Secretary: Crystal Berry (virtual)
Member at large: Jose Jimenez
Member at large: Ali Burton (virtual)
Guest: Doug Mason, National AFS President (virtual)
Guest: Simon Chiu – BC/Yukon – AFS Regional Representative

  1. Call to order/Introductions - called to order at 5:26 pm/ Quorum Obtained
    Simone introduced guests Doug Mason and Simon Chiu and introduced the executive.

  2. Approval of agenda

    Gerald Watson / George Ward – All in favor

  3. Moment of Silence

    Simone reflected on the memory of the late Harry Walker and a moment of silence was observed to pay respect.

  4. Adoption of previous minutes (2019)

    Jose Jimenez / Michelle Roy – All in favor

5. President’s report

Simone read out her President’s report, asked for questions from the floor. No direct questions were presented.

  1. Annual financial report

    Copies of financial statements were provided. Stefan explained the financial results with a discussion on spending and saving limitations.

    Statements and budget accepted:
    Rick Sander / Deb Knutson – All in favor

  2. Election of officers

    Our elections committee (Richard Barkwill) advised that no nominations have been put forward. A call to the floor resulted in no nominations. Positions below have been re- elected by acclamation:

    President – Simone Zobatar Vice President – Moira Dolan Secretary – Crystal Berry Treasurer – Stefan Dobernigg Member at Large Jose Jimenez Member at Large – Ali Burton

  3. Guest Speaker – Doug Mason, National AFS President and bargaining team president Simon Chiu, AFS - B.C./Yukon Regional Representative

    Simon Chiu talked about challenging times and gave credit to Ross Ermel and willingness to work with us and keep his word. He also discussed the mandatory vaccination policy and is upset when he hears that the membership feels the union is not doing anything when discussions have been taking place. Simon discussed that to reverse the decision would be difficult and that this is a top down and that we are an agency for the federal government and need to obey although CRA did try to delay but there is not much we can do. Simon also talked about governance and that the employer has been receptive to suggestions so far. Simon also asked the members to reach out if they are having issues with the hours of work as outlined by the collective agreement and if they are being denied accommodation requests to work beyond 9 hours.

    Doug Mason discussed the vaccine policy and progress to date and that 70% of attestations are complete and that as of today, all invitations to attest have been sent and employees have until next Friday to attest. Doug stated that those unwilling or those that do not attest must take the mandatory course although likely no recourse if the employee does not take the course as they will be going on leave without pay. The policy



is scheduled for review at six months but we do not know what will happen upon review. If an employee has a rejected accommodation request, they should talk to a steward. Doug stated that the policy is partially health and safety and partially public policy. Doug also provided the update that we are in the early stages of bargaining and there is a planning meeting in June.

Ali – clarification on mandatory vaccine – will it end when COVID is over.
Doug clarified that the policy is up for review every 6 months so theoretically yes.

Member – Question about the actual purpose of the governance restructure Doug clarified that.

Member – Question about when we will see job posters open to the whole region. Response provided.

9. Other Business (reminder for all members to ensure their address is for Penticton – SITSO if they’ve come from other offices)

Simone advised members transferring in to update their address 10. Adjournment – 6:19 pm

Yifeng Kok / Fenton Ingram – All in favor