PIPSC AFS-Stewards Meeting June 27, 2022


  1. Updates from bargaining conference
  2. Updates from AFS National AGM
  3. Updates from CCTSO  UMC on June 23, 2022
  4. BC Region AFS Update
  5. Location for Northern BC Subgroup AGM – November 21, 2022
  6. Member engagement: Pizza in the Park in September



  1. Updates from bargaining conference:
    1. Inflation makes bargaining difficult – there is no rush to get a bad deal. This round could take a while.
    2. AFS group has opted out of the PIPSC central table for negotiating our economic increase – we will bargain for our own economic increase.
    3. We will bargain for a market rate adjustment re: we have fallen behind what professionals are paid outside CRA.
    4. TB offer to UTE is 1.5% for 2022 (same as what we accepted for 2022), and 2%, 1.75% & 1.5% for 2023 - 2025 respectively. They have rejected the offer and are at an impasse.
    5. Nuclear scientists @ chalk river just settled for 3.5% per yr. – 14% over 4 years (2021 – 2024).
    6. Other bargaining priorities for the first session in September 2022 were discussed.
    7. Member engagement, will start in September around first bargaining session.


  1. AFS AGM:
    1. Rands are a big problem since covid increased from 300 to over 1,000 nationally – member still has to pay dues but union does not get them. Member can join whenever they want and we have to rep. them. Note: some religions prohibit union membership. Need to do more to ensure all new members are signed up as PIPSC members.
    2. CS group update: They just completed their reclassification i.e. updating job descriptions, experience, and education etc... it went very smoothly. Members were given their classification notices in November and then they were finalized in December. Most members went up a pay grade or stayed the same. There was no downgrading of pay - a few people were red circled i.e. pay stays same but no raises until their pay scale catches up. There are a handful of grievances in process re: people who think their job should be classified at a higher pay grade. They are also in bargaining and have rejected an offer of 7% (total) over 4 years with improvements equal to 1%. They aren't even close to inflation, and have decided to go for binding arbitration instead of the strike route.
    3. Discussion of reviewing annual allocation for possible AFS resolution to PIPSC AGM. AW to follow up with Chris Roach. We should be able to afford $50/ member attending. Noted that other SG’s have an executive meeting just prior to AFS AGM and claim meal allowances separately.


  1. BC Region AFS Update:
    1. The group is concerned about the lack of contact with HCA TSO and FVI TSO.


  1. CCTSO UMC on June 23, 2022:
    1. CC TSO Org. charts are out and will be updated and publicly available in real time.
    2. 8 AFS subgroup presidents in attendance + 6 members of SMT & 2 LR reps. We can work on new terms of reference for UMC’s – but 16 attendees is a lot and expanding the group to more AFS execs. Doesn’t seem feasible. Too onerous for SMT to hold separate meetings w. each SG – open for discussion.
    3. Staffing updates – people are needed in all programs. National pools are being ‘refreshed’ with lower Korn Ferry test scores. New processes are being posted. SME just hired 6 AU01’s and 7 AU02’s from national pool. CC TSO needs 40 – 50 AU01’s, but they can’t all be onboarded at the same time. New process are being run so that new graduates or people who newly meet experience requirements can apply. Will continue to use older national pools. If you know of underutilized pools let Gord Hawes know. CC TSO expects to lose people to HCA TSO on an ongoing basis.


  1. Northern BC AFS Subgroup AGM:
    1. Doug and Simon can both come if we hold it on November 21, 2022. Will set an executive meeting ½ hour before AGM and claim meal allowance for executive.
    2. Need to include which positions are up for election in AGM invite and strike an impartial elections committee to run the election. Doug / Simon can oversee voting at the meeting.
    3. Need to change subgroup bylaws (3.1.2) from NBC & Y TSO to Prince George campus of CRA.
    4. We are required to post our AGM invitations, executive meeting minutes, and AGM minutes on our AFS subgroup page  AFS Northern B.C. | The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (pipsc.ca)


  1. Member Engagement:
    1. Let’s apply for Better Together funding for Pizza in the Park in September.
    2. Promote use of “I support my bargaining team” background starting in September & possible e-mail footer with AFS logo.
    3. Increased use of social media – promote AFS face book page with  raffles / wordle games / tick tock challenges / tweeting to #Canada Revenue Agency etc…
    4. Support other union picket lines with “PIPSC AFS Group supports  XXX union” bring treats and call the press so that they can cover it. Send photos to mother PIPSC.
    5. Community service wearing PIPSC AFS shirts (soup kitchen, trash clean up etc…)