200 René-Lévesque West Sub-Group

Date: 2019-04-03

Time:11:00 a.m.

Location:Guy Favreau Complex - West Tower - Room 601-4

Members of the Executive





Alexandre Martel







Sophie Laporte




Inga Chiriliuc




Kabeya Kankolongo




Richard Martin




Luigi Salituri




Alexandre Thomas




Guest: Jean-Luc Ledoux, new Deputy Director, Criminal Investigations Division.


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Appointment of Acting Vice-President:
  4. Union-management meetings:
  5. Meetings with the Deputy Director
  6. Approval of the minutes
  7. Change of signers for the bank account
  8. Future Stewards
  9. Access to the common mailbox and shared drive of the VFSenquetes@pipsc.ca common mailbox
  10. Scanning documents
  11. National activities
  12. Group activities
  13. Regional activities
  14. Branch activities
  15. Sub-Group activities
  16. Adjournment

No. / Subject

1) Call to order: 11:10 a.m. – Welcome

2) Approval of the agenda:

Moved by Alexandre Martel, seconded by Alexandre Thomas

3) Appointment of Acting Vice-President:

 a) René Boudreau’s departure

  • Members will be informed of René’s resignation and the appointment of the Acting VP.
  • Discussions with Steve Parent. He said that it is up to us to decide on whom to assign to the acting position.
  • Sophie Laporte, Inga Chiriliuc, Kabeya Kankolongo, Richard Martin and Luigi Salituri were not interested in the VP position.
  • Alexandre Thomas stepped forward.
  • Alexandre Thomas was appointed Acting VP.
  •  Alexandre Thomas was elected by acclamation.

4) Union-management meetings:

a) Next meeting: 2019-04-24 at the Brossard office
2 extended meetings per year

b) Suggested topics

  • Washroom
  • Training –In-house training on investigations, peace officers / police / PAREC / static observation / École nationale de police du Québec / WORD / hyperlinks / masters degree in taxation / IT / cryptocurrency / accounting for certified financial analysts / overview of case law and interpretation every 3 months by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada;
  • Maintaining the training requirements of professional bodies;
  • Hiring expert for multidisciplinary teams
  • March 31 rush
  • Richard Martin will discuss police college training with Pascal Mondor before Alexandre Martel discusses it with the Deputy Director.

c) Alexandre Martel will be accompanied by Richard Martin and Inga Chiriliuc

5) President’s meetings with the Deputy Director:

a)Authorization to use time code 6400 for union activities

b)Discussions on pressure tactics, including strike action, must not take place during the employer’s time

c) Deputy Director informed me of the meetings available to employees

d) Deputy Director Jean-Luc Ledoux attended the meeting between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

  • Role of the Executive and Management
  • Collaborative approach
  • PSES 2017 - Performance and team spirit
  • PSES 2018 - Jean-Luc Ledoux will share the results of the survey as soon as they are available.

6) Approval of the minutes:

a) The 2018-03-26 minutes were sent to PIPSC and posted on the website in both French and English.

b) The previous minutes dated 2018-09-26, 2018-11-08, 2019-01-14 and 2019-01-30 were not sent to PIPSC. They will be sent to PIPSC in French as is. PIPSC will translate the previous minutes into English if necessary;

c) The last minutes of the AGM held on 2019-02-27 were prepared in English and in French and are available on the shared drive of the common mailbox at VFSenquetes@pipsc.ca.

d) Procedure for minutes:

  • The Secretary takes the minutes in French and types them into a Word document.
  • The Executive members review the minutes and send any changes by email for approval of the minutes.
  • The minutes are considered approved if more than 50% of the Executive agrees to them.
  • The President puts the French minutes on the shared drive of the common mailbox at VFSenquetes@pipsc.ca.
  • The Secretary then sends them in PDF format to PIPSC within a month of the meeting.
  • The minutes are translated into English if necessary.

The minutes were adopted unanimously.

Moved by Alexandre Martel, seconded by Sophie Laporte.

7) Change of signers for the bank account:

a) Gerry and René requested that their names be removed as signing authorities.

b) The account requires two, ideally a minimum of three, signers.

c) Alexandre proposed that the signers be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

d) The Treasurer will send an email to inform the person concerned of the changes to the bank account.

  • Alexandre Thomas will follow up with the account manager on the change of signers for the bank account.
  • Alexandre Thomas will inform Gerlando Renna and René Boudreau of the change.

The authorized signers were unanimously amended.

Moved by Richard Martin, seconded by Kabeya Kankolongo.

8) Future Stewards:

a)If you are not yet a Steward, you must commit to becoming one by the next AGM.

b) Kabeya Kankolongo and Luigi Salituri are not yet Stewards.

  • Luigi Salituri asked to do the training in English. He will follow up with the training coordinator regarding the English training.
  • Kabeya Kankolongo has signed up for the training in French, which is to be held in the next few days.

The Members-at-Large committed to becoming Stewards by the next AGM.

9) Access to the common mailbox and shared drive of the  VFSenquetes@pipsc.ca  common mailbox

Item deferred to the next meeting

10) Scanning documents

Item deferred to the next meeting

11) National activities:

Item deferred to the next meeting

12) Group activities:

Item deferred to the next meeting

13) Regional activities:

a) Quebec Regional Council, May 3 and 4, 2019, at the Manoir des Sables in Orford

  • As VP, Alexandre Thomas will replace the President
  • Sophie Laporte will represent the Status of Women Committee

b)Quebec Stewards Council, September 6 and 7, 2019 at the Delta Trois-Rivières. Alexandre Martel, Sophie Laporte and Kabeya Kankolongo will be attending.

The Executive was informed of the regional activities.

14) Branch activities :

Item deferred to the next meeting

15) Sub-Group activities:

a) Presidents’ call (need a replacement for the May 7, 2019 conference call at 9:30 a.m.)

  • The Vice-President will replace the President

e)Discussion on floor issues

  • Forced sick leave. In situations where the health of co-workers may be at risk, the team leader must complete the T4009 form - Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Report - so that management can take action.

f)Updating the bulletin board

  • Alexandre Martel will prepare an updated list of the Executive and post it on the bulletin board.

g)OHS: Washroom

  • This issue will be discussed at a later point with Jean-Luc Ledoux
  • Possibility of changing the women’s washroom into a unisex washroom

The following items were deferred to the next meeting:

b) Debriefing on the 2019 Sub-Group and Branch AGMs

c) Grievance training (Who has completed the training and who will be receiving it)

d) Email communications by the Secretary:

e) Discussions on the floor issues

h) Annual investigations meeting: Contribution of money or drinks ($XX René)

i) Christmas party: Contribution of money or drinks

j)  By-Law amendments

k) Planning next AGM to be a joint meeting with Montréal-Centre

16 ) Adjournment:

The President moved that the meeting be adjourned. Carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m. Alexandre Martel will send an Outlook invitation for the next meeting.