Date & Time: September 19, 2023 @ 18:00

Location: KS on the Keys Restaurant, 1029 Dazé St, Ottawa, ON K1V 2G3


Agenda Item



Call To Order

Matt Dufault, AFS Sub-Group Vice President, called the meeting to order at 18:17.




Rollcall of executive members

All executive members were present:


  • Matthieu Dufault, Vice President
  • Nitin Chowdhary, President
  • Burgess Antroliwalla, Treasurer
  • Allison Thompson, Secretary
  • Patrono Rodrigues
  • Sumit Katyal
  • Mahinda Piyasiri


There were an additional 24 members in attendance



Welcoming Remarks

Matt thanked everyone for coming



Adoption of Agenda

Motion to approve the Agenda:

Moved by: Allison Thompson

Seconded by: Nitin Chowdhary

Vote passed



Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

Matt explained how the meeting will proceed.



Approval of 2022 AGM minutes

Motion to approve the 2022 AGM minutes:

Moved by: Matthieu Dufault

Seconded by: Burgess Antroliwalla

Vote passed



Business arising from minutes

Matt outlined the negotiations and the PSHCP that were discussed at the 2022 AGM


Nominations and Elections

For members at Large

Gil Molinier, nominated by Jing Zhang, first declines nomination, but later accepts.

Dilan Herath, nominated by Patrono Rodrigues, declines nomination.

Alex Engineer, nominated by himsel, accepts nomination.


By acclimation, the new members at large are:


  • Gil Molinier
  • Alex Engineer



Report of Officers



Treasurer’s report

Burgess Antroliwalla reviewed the 2022, 2023, and 2024 financials and answered questions from members.


Motion to approve the 2022 financial statements:

Moved by: Patrono Rodrigues

Seconded by: Haroon Ur-Rashid

Vote passed.


Motion to approve the 2024 proposed budget:

Moved by: Laurie Dufault

Seconded by: Alex Engineer

Vote passed                                        











Tentative Agreement update

Nitin Chowdhary spoke about the tentative collective agreement that was recently reached and answered questions from members.



President’s Closing Remark

Matthieu Dufault gave closing remarks and welcomed the new executive.




Motion to adjourn the meeting

Moved by:  Matthieu Dufault

Seconded by: Pritpal Khurana