Thursday, April 20, 2023

Location: Madison’s Restaurant & Bar, 180 Lyon Street, Ottawa

In Attendance: Brian Busby, Patrick McIver, Daryl Boychuk, Louise Lepore, Andra  Weis, Lin Bian, Earle Loftman (by telephone)

Absent (with Regrets): James Armstrong, Audrey Wojcik

Special Guest(s): Dan Quinn (HQ Region, AFS Representative)


Topic and Discussion


Call to Order and Welcome

Brian Busby announced quorum and called the meeting to  order at 6:43pm.

Brian Busby

Approval of 

Agenda Items

Patrick McIver sent all executive members a draft copy of the  meeting agenda items on April 19, 2023. No revisions made to  the draft agenda. 

Andra Weis made the motion to approve the draft agenda,  which was seconded by Brian. Motion carried.

Patrick McIver

Minutes from 

Prior Meeting

The draft copy of the minutes from the October 27, 2022  executive meeting were distributed to the executive by e-mail  shortly after the meeting. Amendments were received and a  revised version was distributed to all members. 

By e-mail on November 24, 2022, the executive approved the  minutes of the October 27, 2022 meeting. An approved copy  of the minutes were transmitted to PIPSC for publishing on the  AFS HQ Subgroup’s webpage. 

Minutes published December 12, 2022 ( groups/afs/subgroups/afs-hq-ncr/afs-hq-subgroup-executive meeting-minutes-october-27-2022)

Patrick McIver


Region AFS 

Representative -  Remarks

Dan Quinn was invited to attend the meeting as the  Headquarters Region AFS representative. Dan provided the  executive with an update on the current status of the CRA PIPSC (AFS) collective bargaining. The two major issues  continue to be pay and work-from-home. Bargaining sessions  currently scheduled for Apr 23-26 and May 29-June 2 and  June 26-30. AFS will continue to put out bargaining updates to  the membership via e-mail and the PIPSC-AFS website.

Dan Quinn



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Topic and Discussion


Finance Report  from Treasurer

James Armstrong was unable to attend the meeting for  medical reasons, but through Patrick, provided an update on  the current bank account balance as at March 31, 2023.




Subgroup - 

Executive Open  Positions

On February 13, 2023 by e-mail, Subgroup president Bruce  Buchardt announced his resignation as Subgroup president  and from the executive due to his retirement from the CRA. 

On February 14, 2023 by e-mail, Director/member-at-large  Jasen Spry announced his resignation from the Subgroup  executive due to him accepting an executive appointment in  the CRA.

Under By-law 6.7.1, Subgroup Vice-president Brian Busby  assumed the position of Subgroup president for the duration of  Bruce Buchardt’s term (i.e. until the 2023 AGM). Thus, the  position of Subgroup Vice-president is vacant and under By law 6.7.2, it is up to the current executive to fill that position for  the duration of Brian’s original term (i.e. until the 2024 AGM). 

Discussion had. Patrick nominated Andra to assume the  position of Subgroup Vice-president. Seconded by Daryl  Boychuk. Andra accepted nomination. No other nominations  received for position of Subgroup Vice-president. Andra  acclaimed to position of Subgroup Vice-president, for the  duration of Brian’s original term.

Given Jasen’s resignation and Andra’s election as Subgroup  Vice-president, there are now two open Director/member-at large positions open on the executive. Discussion had and Dan  and Andra suggested names for appointment to these two  open spots. Andra and Dan agreed to approach these  individuals to ask if they would agree to joining the executive  until the next AGM. They will report back to the Subgroup  executive at the next meeting.


HQ Subgroup 

AGM 2022 

- Draft Minutes

Patrick informed the executive that he is currently preparing  the draft minutes from the 2022 AGM held on June 7, 2022.  The AGM was conducted by PIPSC and no minutes were  prepared. Patrick will circulate the draft minutes for the  executives’ review and approval, which will then be presented  at the 2023 AGM for the Subgroup membership’s approval.

Patrick McIver



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Topic and Discussion


HQ Subgroup -  AGM 2023

Under the Subgroup’s By-laws, the next AGM has to be held  every calendar year, and in any event, within fifteen months  from the date of the last AGM. In this case, the next AGM has  to be held by September 7, 2023. 

Items that will need to be addressed/approved at that AGM  include 1) the AGM minutes for 2021 and 2022; 2) Financial  results for 2021 and 2022; 3) Approval of budgets for 2023 and  2024; 4) Executive elections for the positions of Subgroup  President, Treasurer, and three Director/Member-at-large  positions (elected to one-year terms at the 2022 AGM).

Discussion had. Decision made to hold the 2023 AGM on  Thursday, September 7, 2023. Andra and Louise Lepore  agreed to work together to identify a couple of potential  locations in the downtown area. 

Executive to decide at next meeting to make final decisions  relating to the 2023 AGM.

Brian Busby

AFS AGM 2023 -  June 10, 2023

The 2023 AFS Group AGM will be held on June 10, 2023 at the  Hilton Lac-LeAmy. 

Subgroup entitled to have five members attend the AGM as  delegates for the HQ region. Dan asked the executive to  provide the names of five individuals to attend. 

Brian, Andra, Patrick, Lin Bian and Daryl expressed interest to  attend. James expressed interest in attending prior to the  meeting. Upon hearing this, Daryl offered up his position to  James. 

Decision made that Brian, Andra, Patrick and Lin will attend.  Daryl and James will communicate with each other to decide  who will attend as the fifth person.

Brian Busby

Rollout of On-Site  Presence (ROOP)

Discussion had on what Subgroup executive members are  hearing from members regarding the CRA’s implementation of  ROOP and its implications/consequences on the membership.  Executive members described instances of CRA management  refusing requests for continued work-at-home, rescinding duty  to accommodate arrangements previously in place pre pandemic, etc. 

Dan recommended to the executive that issues be raised with  him, who is consolidating and raising them with CRA  management through the consultation process (which is  currently suspended in light of the PSAC strike. Also  recommended that members continue to file exemption  requests and grievances.

Brian Busby



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Topic and Discussion




Brian discussed the possibility about having a mobilization  event during the summer months, like a BBQ. Subgroup  executive agreed it was a good idea. Daryl and Earle Loftman  agreed to work together to develop a plan for a potential  summer membership get-together, and will present plan at the  next executive meeting.

Brian Busby

Steward Activities

There is still one member on the executive who has not taken  the BST. PIPSC monitors this and will work with the executive  member to complete that necessary training.

Discussion also had on some of the steward-related activities  the executive members are engaging in, in support of the  Subgroup membership.

Brian Busby

Round Table

Louise - Informed the executive that she would be attending  the National Capital Region (NCR) Regional Council on April 21  and 22, 2023. The NCR Regional Council is the governing  body for the NCR in PIPSC, and where members-at-large in  the NCR are elected, amendments to the NCR Constitution are  passed and the NCR Budget is approved. She will be attending  with Andra, Lin and Earle. Will debrief the executive at the next  meeting.


Close of Meeting

Decision made to hold next executive meeting on Thursday,  June 15, 2023 at 5:30pm at Madison’s Restaurant. 

Brian Busby made the motion to close the meeting. Patrick  seconded it. No objections. Meeting closed at 8:44 pm.

Brian Busby



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