VFS 200 René-Lévesque West Sub-Group, Minutes- Febuary 27, 2019




5:30 p.m.


 Gesù – 1200, de Bleury, Montréal, Québec H3B 3J3



Members of the Executive:



In attendance


Gerlando Renna




René Boudreau




Alexandre Thomas




Richard Martin




Inga Chiriliuc




Denis Gagnon




Sophie Laporte




Luigi Salituri








Ronald Pétillon

Election Chair

Stéphane Aubry

Vice-President, PIPSC

Yvon Brodeur

Quebec Regional Director

Members (45 in attendance)

Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting





Call to order of the Annual General Meeting: 6:00 pm

  1. Explanation by Interim President Gerlando Renna of how and why the new Sub-Group was created
  2. The General Assembly was established due to the financial aspects of holding such a meeting on February 27, 2019.
  3. The new name of the proposed Sub-Group is the 200 René-Lévesque West Sub-Group.




Approval of the Agenda: Moved by Sylvain Myre, seconded by Sophie Laporte




Presentation by Stéphane Aubry:

  1. Presentation entitled Do Better
  2. Third anniversary of Phoenix
  3. Today is Anti-Bullying Day




Presentation by Yvon Brodeur:

  1. Gerlando Renna proposed that an advanced grievance course be made available to the Quebec Region.
  2. The Stewards Council will be held on September 6 and 7, 2019 in Trois-Rivières.
  3. Several courses are being given in the Region, including one on violence in the workplace.
  4. A number of committees are in place, including the following:
  1. Status of Women
  2. Training
  3. Diversity Action Group
  1. A video clip on the research work done by federal government employees will be sent to Gerlando Renna after it has been translated.
  2. A video clip on tax avoidance is currently being developed.



President’s Report

  1. Our By-Laws will be Sub- Group By-Laws. Previously, we had Branch By-Laws.
  2. As a distinct Sub-Group, we can sit down with the Director to discuss our problems;
  3. We have 79 members in our Sub-Group at the moment;
  4. Don’t forget to see a member of the Sub-Group to provide your personal email address if you want to keep informed of the latest developments.
  5. Stewards are bound by rules of confidentiality.
  6. Achievements of the year:
  1. The Sub-Group held three meetings. The use of English and French in these meetings was encouraged.
  2. The December 24 lunch was held for the first time.
  3. Performance expectations have been amended in partnership with local management.


Financial reporting and approval:

  1. Presentation by Sophie Laporte
  2. Approval of the financial statements moved by Carlo Pierre and seconded by Sylvain Myre  
  3. The Sub-Group’s name change was proposed by Julie Labesse and seconded by Chadi Hamdan


Report by the Election Chair:

  1. Ronald Pétillon explained that he had received the notices of nomination, but that if anyone wanted to be included, he could add their name before the positions were voted on.
  2. His role is to manage the voting for the various positions, as well as to compile and announce the results.


Introduction of candidates:

  1. All positions were up for election.
  2. President: Gerlando Renna and Alexandre Martel
  3. Promises made by Alexandre Martel for the Sub-Group Executive if he were to be elected President:
  1. Represent members by attending all union-management meetings
  2. Contact members to follow up on their questions sent to the email mailbox within one week
  3. Provide members with relevant information quarterly by email after each Executive meeting
  4. Survey members about their needs in relation to the collective agreement
  5. Post all minutes on the Sub-Group webpage within one month
  6. Share tasks among all members of the Sub-Group Executive
  7. Work with other elected members, regardless of their differences of opinion, to serve the interests of members and not his own interests.
  1. Vice-President: René Boudreau introduced himself;
  2. Treasurer: Alexandre Martel and Sophie Laporte introduced themselves.
  3. Secretary: Inga Chiriliuc introduced herself.
  4. Members-at-Large (3 nominations for the 4 positions available):
  1. Alexandre Thomas introduced himself
  2. Luigi Salituri introduced himself
  3. Kabeya Kankolongo introduced himself.



  1. President: Alexandre Martel was elected with 21 votes in favour, 17 against and one invalid vote.
  2. Vice-President: René Boudreau was elected by acclamation.
  3. Treasurer: Alexandre Martel withdrew his nomination for the position of Treasurer. Sophie Laporte was elected by acclamation.
  4. Secretary: Inga Chiriliuc was elected by acclamation.
  5. Members-at-Large: Richard Martin stepped forward as the fourth Member-at-Large. Alexandre Thomas, Luigi Salituri, Kabeya Kankolongo and Richard Martin were elected by acclamation.


Approval of By-Laws:

  1. Stéphanie Fréchette called to get clarification on voting in advance. She was told that that option is not available at the moment but to check whether it is possible to add it to our By-Laws for next year.
  2. Richard Martin moved that the Sub-Group’s name be changed to the 200 René-Lévesque West Sub-Group. The motion was seconded by Philippe Laurin.
  3. Alexandre Martel moved that paragraph 6.3.1 be approved. The motion was seconded by Philippe Laurin.  
  4. Gerlando Renna moved that the new By-Laws be approved. Seconded by René Boudreau.


Adjournment: Gerlando Renna moved that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Richard Martin. The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.