November 30th, 2019 AFS Executive Meeting

Present: Doug Mason (President), Mark Muench (Vice President & CS National Consultation Representative), Chris Roach (Atlantic Regional Representative), Steve Parent (Quebec), Simon Chiu (BC / Yukon), Robert Trudeau (Prairies/NWT), Brian Hassall (HQ), Allaudin Alibhai (NCR IT), Shawn Gillis (Ontario), Manny Costain (CS Regional Representative and Recording Secretary), and Al Ravjiani (Toronto).

Staff: Vance Coulas (Negotiator)

Executive Meeting Précis – November 7, 2019

The précis for the November 7, 2019 executive meeting was approved as amended and will be sent for translation and posting.

Review of Action Items

Doug led a review of the action items.

Financial Update

Shawn led the Executive in a review of the current financials.

Steward Renewals

The steward renewals of AFS Stewards were reviewed by the National Executive.

2020 AFS AGM

The AGM notice will be posted by February 1st.  Each regional rep is to provide the delegate names to Allaudin by February 15th.  Delegate registration is to be completed by April 22nd with the registration invite going out in late March.


Performance Pay for Non-MGs

It was noted that this issue is still ongoing.  A policy grievance was filed on the matter in March 2019.  AFS supervisors performing MG duties should be eligible for MG bonuses.

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Staffing

There is a notice of job offer recently as well as other communications about the Employer hiring AU-01 and AU-02 employees for CID.  Currently there are no positions under the AU-03 level nor are there any job descriptions at the AU-01 and the AU-02 levels.  There is concern that AU-01s and AU-02s will be receiving AU-03 work without the pay and also concerns about the lack of training for these employees.

Pre-Retirement Paid leave

The information to demonstrate that an employee is eligible for pre-retirement paid leave is currently available in CAS.  The Employer’s response was that simply that they communicated it previously and employees are complying.  The Executive is reviewing next steps on the matter.

Prairie/NWT – BC/Yukon Region Merger Update

The Prairie/NWT & BC/Yukon regions will be merging into the Western Region.  The Western Region will become effective on April 1, 2020.  The Regional Assistant Commissioner will travel back and forth between Winnipeg and Vancouver.  Regional HR will be able to choose where they want to live.

Next Executive Meeting

The next AFS Executive meeting will be February 6, 2020 in Ottawa in conjunction with PIPSC 100th Anniversary.