OTTAWA, April 3, 2018 – CRA has confirmed that a solution to the ongoing Phoenix issues is available.  CRA has completed analysis on their corporate administration system (CAS) and it has the capacity to pay all CRA employees. 

CRA’s pay system completes all the necessary pay calculations which are then sent to Phoenix for final processing and paying of employees. In fact, CRA runs payroll every two weeks to do costing and could extend this to pay its entire workforce. This would eliminate any Phoenix related pay issues that have plagued CRA employees since its introduction.

CRA needs to obtain a mandate from the federal government to finish the conversion to pay everyone through CAS.  CRA has estimated the stabilization period is expected to be six to nine months.  This is far better than the years that we have already endured Phoenix failures and the four to five years that it has been estimated to stabilize Phoenix.

Management has frequently stated that Phoenix problems are unacceptable.  We agree.  It’s time for CRA to step up and do what is right for its employees.  Ask the federal government for the mandate to pay its employees using CAS and over 40,000 federal employees will not have to endure the Phoenix nightmare any longer.

AFS National Executive