April 28, 2019 AFS Executive Meeting

Present: Doug Mason (President), Mark Muench (Vice President & CS National Consultation Representative), Chris Roach (Atlantic Regional Representative), Phil Choo (BC / Yukon), Robert Trudeau (Prairies/NWT), Brian Hassall (HQ), Allaudin Alibhai (NCR IT), Shawn Gillis (Ontario), Manny Costain (CS Regional Representative and Recording Secretary), and Al Ravjiani (Toronto).

Regrets:  Steve Parent (Quebec)

Staff: Vance Coulas (Negotiator)

Executive Meeting Précis – January 26, 2019

The précis for the January 26th executive meeting was approved as amended and will be sent for translation and posting.

Review of Action Items

Doug led a review of the action items.

Financial Update

Shawn led the Executive in a review of the current financials.  Last year’s financials have been sent to our reviewer.

Eligibility to Serve on an AFS Sub-Group Executive

The Executive had a discussion on a member of a sub-group who was not a steward, nor was planning to be a steward.  The Executive reiterated that to serve on a sub-group executive a member must be, or become a steward as per our AFS Group bylaws.

2019 AFS Presidents Meeting and AFS AGM

The Executive prepared agendas for both the AFS Presidents meeting and the AFS AGM.  The financial reviewer and guest speakers were also selected.

National Day for Mourning

April 28th is the national day of mourning for workers killed or injured on the job.  As such, the Executive held a minute of silence at 11:00am.


The Executive reviewed the number of delegates assigned to the AFS Group and the allotment to each region.  Each regional rep will provide the delegate names to Allaudin Alibhai who will then provide them to Julie Gagnon. To assist PIPSC with accommodations concerns at the Hilton Lac Leamy, a motion was carried for all AFS delegates to the PIPSC AGM to stay at the Delta Ottawa.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) Program Changes

The Executive had a discussion on recent changes in the Prairie region in the SRED program.  There are concerns that some of the procedures are not properly documented.  The Prairie rep is requesting that the Regional Commissioner provide an email to staff outlining the new procedures.

External Hiring and Non-Advertised Staffing

The Executive discussed concerns regarding the ongoing practice of external hiring and non-advertised staffing.  It was agreed that staffing should be an agenda item during the AFS Presidents meeting to have a fulsome discussion with the Presidents.

Professionals Canada

The Executive was provided an update from the task force.  The concerns documented were itemized in groups. There is a two-day meeting scheduled in May.  The Task Force will look at the concerns and prioritize them as part of the next meeting.

Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP)

The Executive was provided an update on EWSP. Negotiations are proceeding and when completed, ratification information sessions will be held, and then members will vote on the final product. 

Update on Prairie/NWT Regional Staffing CS-01 & CS-02

The Executive discussed a recent email from the Prairies regarding staffing of CS positions.  There were several positions that are vacant and would be vacant for the foreseeable future.  There seem to be issues with having regional and local processes approved.  ITB is meeting with the assistant directors of HR in each region to determine what the issues are and come up with solutions.

Merging of EAP & Informal Conflict Resolution Committees

The Employer has decided to merge both the EAP in Informal Conflict Resolution Committees. The Employer has provided three options going forward with the committees: 1) will see two one-day meetings a year, 2) will have one annual meeting and 3) the Executive would only receive quarterly reports.  The Executive preferred option one to the others.

Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) Decisions

The Executive discussed recent FPSLREB decisions including one that found that the Employer cannot deny a pay increment due to performance.

Classification Update

The classification consultation committee met with the Employer on April 17th.  Several occupational groups have been reviewed and it has been a consistent finding that the classification standards are out of date and need to be revised.  The parties agreed that next steps are to complete a final report for the fall National Union Management Consultation Committee meeting.

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Next Executive Meeting

The next AFS Executive meeting will be June 5, 2019 in Winnipeg in conjunction with the AFS AGM.