Précis - November 16, 2017 AFS Executive Meeting

Present: Doug Mason (President).  Regional Representatives: Shawn Gillis (Ontario and Treasurer), Mark Muench (CS National Consultation Representative), Phil Choo (BC / Yukon), Manny Costain (CS Regional Representative and Secretary), Robert Trudeau (Prairies/NWT), Brian Hassall (HQ), Allaudin Alibhai (NCR IT), Steve Parent (Quebec), and Al Ravjiani (Toronto).

Absent: Chris Roach (Vice-President and Atlantic Regional Representative).

Executive Meeting Précis – July 2017

This précis for the July 13 planning meeting and the July 15 executive meeting was approved as presented and will be sent for translation and posting.

Financial Update

The AFS Group finances were reviewed by the AFS Executive.

CRA Conflict of Interest Policies and Commitments

The Executive discussed our concerns about the changes to the policies.  The changes limit any participation in outside activities or post-employment work.  We will respond to management and consult our lawyers about these changes.

Phoenix Overpayment Clawbacks to Zero Dollars

The Employer is taking the position that they recover an overpayment at 100% until the total amount is recovered as per their policy.  The Executive is concerned that while a member may have been overpaid it does lead to hardship.  Also, the fact that the clawback is on the gross and not net pay is leaving the member out of pocket.

NITSD Overnight Shifts when Holiday is on a Day of Rest

There is an issue in our Mississauga office as it appears that the overnight shift has not been adequately compensated on a Holiday.

AU Comparability Study

Doug will respond to management with our recommendations on the selection of a third party to conduct the AU Comparability external pay study.

Implementation of the Collective Agreement

CRA has requested dates in early December to review and discuss the interpretation of our Tentative Agreement.


The Executive reviewed the resolutions and took positions on those that had an impact to the AFS Group.

Next Executive Meeting

The next AFS Executive meeting will take place on December 1st, 2017 at the PIPSC National Office in Ottawa.