On September 16, your AFS Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with the CRA.

We are now able to share more information about the ratification process with you.

Electronic voting will take place from November 10 until 12:00 PM ET on November 24. The voting package will include a summary and a complete report of all changes contained in the tentative agreement.

To vote on this tentative agreement, you must be a regular member of the AFS Group. If you have not signed up yet for membership, please complete the online form at member application.

In addition to the voting package, we have scheduled contract information sessions. If you are able to attend one of these sessions, you can ask any questions directly to a member of our bargaining team.

If our AFS members vote to accept the tentative agreement, then management will complete their ratification process including receiving formal approval from the Treasury Board and the Governor General.

Once management confirms completion of their ratification, we will sign the new collective agreement at the earliest opportunity. We will announce the date of signing once it is confirmed.

We are doing everything we can to complete the ratification process as quickly as possible while also ensuring that our members receive the information to make an informed decision with their vote.

Please contact your local subgroup president or AFS Bargaining Team if you have questions about the ratification process.

Our AFS Bargaining Team appreciates your support and encourages you to join our PIPSC-IPFPC AFS Group/Groupe VFS Facebook group if you have not done so already.

In solidarity,

Doug Mason, AFS President

AFS Bargaining Team:
Doug Mason
Shawn Gillis
Allaudin Alibhai
Simon Chiu
Jean Couillard
Darcey Dueck
Abraham Garcia
Mary Lycett
Susanna Moretta
Chris Roach
Paul Tsuji
Vance Coulas, Negotiator
Christopher Schulz, Employment Relations Officer