Work to develop and implement a proactive Pay Equity Plan at the Canada Revenue Agency is well underway, and committee members have been spending multiple days per week with UTE, Unrepresented, and employer representatives to complete a Pay Equity Plan. Given the quantity of positions to look at, it is increasingly unlikely that the committee will be able to complete their work by the legislated, September 2024 deadline, but the committee has procured external resources to assist in achieving this goal. Over the coming months members can expect to hear from the committee as we conduct surveys to understand the true requirements of your role. PIPSC encourages all members to take the time to complete these surveys to the best of your ability as the information you provide will affect the outcome of this play, and how female dominated jobs are compensated.

Prior to the legislated deadline, you will be given the opportunity to comment and provide feedback on the Pay Equity Plan when the draft report will be published, for 60 days. We encourage all members to take the time to read the report and ask critical questions needed to complete the plan. Once this report is finalized, pay adjustments will be made to all employees (regardless of gender) in female predominant job classes with a pay equity gap. The federal Pay Equity Act generally requires a report to be posted in mid-2024 with adjustments starting later that year.

Members with questions or feedback are invited to write to

Thank you,

AFS Pay Equity Team

Karen Anderson

Susanna Moretta

Diane Bondy

Ryan Husk