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Members of your Edmonton Executive have committed to volunteering for events in the city of Edmonton.  As well as providing support to worthwhile causes (child, adolescent and family health), it lets those in the community know we are more than just faceless public servants we are participating members of the community. 

The first event we are volunteering for in is on Labour day.  It requires self registration.  Volunteer if you are available.

Note that we will take pictures after the event to post on our regional facebook page. 


From: volunteer [mailto:volunteer@casaservices.org]

There are a variety of roles and shifts available, the shift times are currently being finalized and may change, but are posted as follows:

7am-noon Course Marshal

6:30am – 9:30am Registration table (full)

7am – noon Feed Station

9am – 1pm Bike Valet

10am – 1pm Lunch Table.

Here is a link to the volunteer registration site, our event is listed as September 4th – Velothon. https://tourofalberta.wufoo.eu/forms/psu7lyf1fgze12/

Thank you,