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PIPSC Quinte Branch - Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: 24 January 2018

Location: Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Belleville, ON

In attendance: Debbie Butler (President); Bevin Stephenson (Treasurer); Dan Weaver (Member-at-Large); Doug Austin (Member-at-Large); Sherri-Ann Cochrane (Member-at-Large); Steve Ovenden (Member-at-Large).

Regrets: Glenn Maxwell (Vice-President); Angie Gmitro (Secretary); Hazra Hosein (Member-at-Large).

Guest Speakers: Mrs. Shannon Russell (OPSEU “We Own It” campaign); Mrs. Rachel Brunet (OPSEU “We Own It” campaign).

1. Opening Remarks – 18:25hrs

Motion to adopt Agenda and previous minutes for the meeting by Deb Butler. No business items to action from previous. Seconded by Bevin Stephenson. Approved.

Action by: President

2. Welcome – 18:27hrs

Introductions of executive members. The President thanked all the Executive for their work during the past year.

Action by: President

3. President’s Report – 18:30hrs

  • Reminder to have all Rand’s sign paperwork for membership with PIPSC. List available with Deb.

Action by: President

  • We *may* get a seat on the PIPSC AGM this year. Recommended to take full advantage.
  • An update was given on what happened at the Regional Council. A proposal to fully take advantage of the CLC Conventions be financed. This resolution was approved at the PIPSC AGM.
  • Contract Proposals Committee – CS members interested must have paperwork filled and submitted by COB 25 Jan 2018.

Action Required: Treasurer

4. Financial Report – 18:35hrs

The treasurer presented the 2016/2017 financial reports and this year’s proposed budget. All budgets approved, with acknowledgement that this was not the updated version.

5. Guest Speakers – 18:45

Mrs. Shannon Russell and Mrs. Rachel Brunet from the OPSEU “We Own It – Keep Public Services Public” campaign.

This is an awareness campaign exemplified by the Carillion collapse (the UK company employing Canadians most-notably in the highway maintenance and roadway clearance sector), whereby Public services entrusted to private entities fail to produce the desired outcome, at the desired/promised level of excellence and ultimately cost more in the long run if-and-when the private entity collapses. Corporate interests are placed above quality of service, when non-profitable services are ultimately cut from the service catalog, forcing citizens to travel long distances to obtain.

Most commonly heard in reference to Medical, Cleaning and IT services fields, keywords to listen for include: Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Public Private Partnership (P3), “Contracting out”, “Outsourcing”, and “Asset recycling”.

Ex: Ontario’s Auditor General recently reported that private entities had overcharged the public to the tune of $8 Billion CDN.

Ex: In 1994 Hamilton Ontario outsourced it’s sewage processing systems to a private entity, that in 1996, overfilled the waste pipeline causing a massive raw sewage spill. In a rally to reclaim those services, Hamilton saved $5.5 Million!

www.WeOwnIt.ca – to sign the petition and support transferring public services back to the public!

6. Elections – 1720hrs

As all Executive members in attendance were up for elections, Paul Covert from SSC volunteered to run the elections. As chair Paul called for nominations from the floor.

The President’s position was acclaimed.

Dan Weaver

The following members were nominated and voted in:

Member(s) at large:
Sherri Cochrane
Deb Butler
Steve Ovenden
Bevin Stephenson
Jamie Buell

Lisa Shears - withdrew
Doug Austin - withdrew
Denise Martin
Hazra Hosein

The president thanked all those who put their names forward and thanked Hazra and Doug for their past service on the Executive. It’s the first time for quite a few years that our Branch held an election. We are very happy that so many are engaged.

7. New Business – 1730hrs

Deb Butler provided a summary ref sick leave proposal but was unable to address direct questions.

8. Round Table


9. Next Meeting


10. Adjournment – 1950hrs

Meeting adjourned.