L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

South Saskatchewan SP Subgroup Executive Meeting


June 27, 2017
Fireside Bistro

Name / Employer / E-mail

Lynne Quinnett-Abbott, Vice-President ECCC Lynne.Quinnett-Abbott@canada.ca

Daniel Ingram, Treasurer ECCC Daniel.Ingram@canada.ca

Patrick Cherneski, Member-at-large AAFC Patrick.Cherneski@agr.gc.ca

Daniel Vermeulen, Secretary RCMP Daniel.Vermeulen@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Rolfe Antonowitsch, President AAFC Rolfe.Antonowitsch@agr.gc.ca

1    Opening and approval of agenda
1.1    Meeting called to order by Rolfe Antonowitsch at 11:59 am.
1.2    Motion #1: Approval of the agenda motioned by Daniel Ingram, seconded by Patrick Cherneski.

2    Review of previous minutes (March 8, 2017)
2.1    Motion #2: Approval of the meeting minutes motioned by Lynne Quinnett-Abbott, seconded by Rolfe Antonowitsch.  

3    Follow-up on action items
3.1    All action items complete.

4    SP AGM Debrief
4.1    AGM agenda was circulated among executive committee
4.2    It was announced that PIPSC plans to ramp up Steward training
4.3    AGM discussion highlights:
4.3.1    Sick leave concerns
4.3.2    Phoenix pay issues
4.3.3    2017-18 Budget required significant clarification

5    Financial Update
5.1    2017-18 allotment was received.
5.2    We are in good financial standing.

6    Event Planning
6.1    Event 1 - Understanding Your Collective Agreement
6.1.1    When – fall 2017
6.1.2    Action Item #1: Daniel Ingram to create a powerpoint presentation on “Understanding Your Collective Agreement.”
6.2    Event 2 – Understanding Your Pay
6.2.1    When – tbd

7    Basic Steward Training Debrief (June 15-17, 2017)
7.1    Daniel Vermeulen attended the PIPSC Basic Steward Training and is now a Steward.
7.2    Pay issue questionnaire was passed around for executive members to see. The sheet is to be completed when pay issues arise.
7.3    Various PIPSC booklets were presented to executive members which included, Guide for Members, Duty to Accommodate, Stewards.
7.3.1    Action Item #2: Daniel Vermeulen to order various booklets for distribution to members.

8    Retro Pay
8.1    There are significant issues with retro pay.
8.2    Remind members to double check their pay.

9    Next Meeting
9.1    Plan to meet sometime in September prior to Event 1.
9.2    Action Item #3: Daniel Vermeulen to send out Doodle poll in August.

10    Adjourn
8.1 Daniel Vermeulen motioned to adjourn the meeting, Daniel Ingram seconded.
8.2 Meeting adjourned at 12:45pm.