L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

Dear Senior Medical Physicists,

In pre-negotiation membership surveys and deliberations during the last two collective agreement negotiations between the Ontario Medical Physicists (OMPs) and the Regional Cancer Centres (RCCs) the differential in salary rates between Medical Physicists and Senior Medical Physicists was identified as one of the main issues.

In a Letter of Understanding signed during the collective agreement negotiations in November 2016, OMPs and the RCCs agreed to establish a Joint Committee (within 6 months of the ratification) to discuss the differential in Schedule B Salary Rates between Medical Physicists and Senior Medical Physicists and to share its findings with the negotiating teams in time for the next round of negotiations. The committee will have three representatives each from both parties (OMPs and RCCs). The Ontario Medical Physicists team will include a Senior Medical Physicist, a Medical Physicist and a PIPSC representative.

This email is to invite Senior Medical Physicists interested in joining the joint committee to submit their names to Linda Rochefort (lrochefort@pipsc.ca) before Friday, March 31, 2017. Jean-Paul Leduc, the PIPSC Negotiator for OMPs, will be happy to answer your question regarding the committee. Please contact Jean-Paul Leduc at 613-228-6310 extension 4736 or by email at jpleduc@pipsc.ca.

Your Bargaining Team!