L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

Manitoba Association of Government Engineers

Suite 960, 363 Broadway
Winnipeg MB R3C 3N9
Executive Meeting
Date: August 1, 2018 17:45
Location: 960-363 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB

Position /Name /Attendance (Yes, No, Regrets)

President John Arthur (JA) Yes
Vice President Cory Graham (CG)
Secretary Sung Joon Kim (SJK) Yes
Treasurer Asit Dey (AD) Yes
Member at Large Ben Van der Hooft (BVH) Yes
Member at Large Mamdouh Thomas (MT) Yes
Member at Large Yasir Shah (YS) Yes
Employment Relations Officer Meira Gisser (MG) Yes
PIPSC Negotiator Pierre Ouellet (PO) Yes
Invited Guests in attendance:

Agenda Item 1. Approval of Agenda

a) JA called the meeting to order at 18:00
Approval of Agenda Moved by BVH
Second by MT
All in Favour

Agenda Item 2. Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes from May 30, 2018 Moved by MT
Second by YS
All in Favour

Agenda Item 3. Old Business

Injunction was denied.
MG updates

  • Blue Cross new fee guideline matter: It was still 2017 rates. System is current now.
  • A member asking about the Long service step at GEMA for MAGE. CG indicated that it was a trade off for the 2% increase. PO to check.
  • Steward training: refresher training for Basic/Labour school. Requires UB approval.
  • Lunch & Learn: Introduction to PIPSC Steward 101 for MAGE members
  • Grievance status: one might be resolved soon
  • The agreement stays as is after expiration date of Mar 31, 2019.

PO: Negotiator’s involvement to groups By-law matters is not odd.

CG motion that CG is the prime contact to By-Law committee.
Moved by CG
Second by BVH
Vote tied.
Defeated by JA tie breaker

AI: SJK to submit amended MAGE Constitution to By-Law committee, Nancy McCune

MAGE AGM minutes
AD: Motion to adapt the changes to the minutes
Moved by AD
Second by BVH
All in Favour

Agenda Item 4. Finances

AD: The balance is $xxxx.xx

AD: Try to bring GoodLife Fitness discount deal to MAGE
Moved by AD
Second by YS
All in Favour

Agenda Item 5. Membership

Most recent membership list from employer updated in April 2018 with 160 members.

Agenda Item 6. Training

MG: listed in Old Businesses

Agenda Item 7. Special Initiatives

AD: look into the MAGE PIPSC shirts. Motion to approve budget of $xxx for preparation.
Moved by AD
Second by BVH
All in Favour

Agenda Item 8. Committees / Meetings

a) PIPSC AGM – Nov 2-3, 2018: JA to attend
b) PIPSC - Advisory Council –AD attended on April 28: SJK to attend next Aug 25
c) PIPSC – Prairie/NWT Regional Council –June 1-2, 2018, Edmonton: CG attended
d) PIPSC - Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba Branch : CG potential membership promotions. Bombers Game &
Labour Day Event, New branch By-Law
e) PIPSC - Prairie Region Steward Council – Sep 28-29, 2018 Winnipeg
f) PIPSC - Engineering Working Group – AD attended on April 26
g) MAGE - Joint Consultation Committee – April 11, 2018 next meeting to arrange (SJK) AI: Notice to send out
h) SILC (Superannuation and Insurance Liaison Committee) – No schedule, date pending
i) Manitoba Federation of Labour – 100 years General Strike event: How MAGE can help. PIPSC plans to support
by purchase items but not by cash.
i. Affiliate Caucus – Mar 8 AD attended: Focus on Labour Court Case
ii. Workplace Health & Safety Committee – AD: requested minutes
iii. Workers Compensation Committee – SJK: no update since Jan
j) Canadian Council of Professionals – May 24-26, next meeting at Moose Jaw in Nov 2 - 3
AD: try to build a business case to formally invite PO

Agenda Item 9. New Business


  • Will provide a survey sample/template from NR Group Engineer to executives for review/feedbacks by Sep 1.
  • Start planning in Fall.
  • All feedbacks to SJK by Aug 18

CG: motion to post executive meeting minutes on the Web with hiding financial contents.
Moved by CG
Second by BVH
All in Favour

Agenda Item 10. Next Meeting Dates

Next meeting to be determined by JA. Meeting called at 19:35