Who is the SAC?

SAC stands for Science Advisory Committee, a committee of the Board of Directors.

PIPSC By-law 17.9 provides members for the SAC as follows:

Institute By-law 17.9.1 -- Composition

There shall be a Committee of the Board to be known as the Science Advisory Committee consisting of five (5) to seven (7) members. Composition of the Committee should be representative of Science and Technology Membership, which includes research, engineering, and science-related activities. AGM 2005 (e)

What does the SAC do generally?

PIPSC By-Law 17.9.2 provides for the SAC mandate as follows:

Institute By-Law 17.9.2 – SAC Mandate

The Science Advisory Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Board on how to address concerns or issues identified in the Workplace which related to science and public science issues, and the Institute’s efforts to present itself as an advocate for public science in Canada and for restoration of a science based departmental funding (A-base budgets).

To achieve its mandate, it will:

a) monitor issues in the field of science and technology related to the work of members and the Institute in this field, including issues of science workplace ethics, and

b) coordinate and distribute information on public science within the Institute and help coordinate the Institute’s outreach through its communications to Canadians on these issues, under the goal of focusing the public discussion of science issues in the language of science, by scientists, and

c) provide an ongoing forum where Public Science-related issues and the Institute’s interests in this issue can be discussed and studied. AGM 2004 (e)