MEETING: Ville-Marie Branch Executive

LOCATION: PIPSC Regional Office

DATE: September 7, 2017



Renaud Guiard, Philippe Marazzani, Baris Demir, Evangelia Costamis, Philippe Poudret (by telephone), Vicky Painchaud


Damien Noël, Dugué Jean-Louis, François Pilon, Marc Desjardins, Marc Sabourin

1. Approval of the Agenda

    • The agenda was presented to the Executive.
      • There were no items to add or changes to be made.
    • Renaud, seconded by Vicky, moved to approve the agenda.
    • Carried unanimously.

    2. Remarks by the Executive

    Remarks by the President

    Renaud welcomed everyone, especially the parents who had sacrificed an evening of the first week back to school.

    Remarks by the Treasurer

    In Marc’s absence, Renaud talked about the cost of the recent Happy Hour.

    3. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    • The minutes from the meeting of June 27, 2017 were reviewed. An amendment was requested to reflect the fact that Philippe P. took part in the meeting by telephone. Philippe M. made the change. Vicky moved that the minutes be approved as amended. Philippe P. seconded the motion. Carried unanimously.

    4. Action Items

    1606.01) Renaud will ask Member Services for a list of our members. He will send it to us for comments. This has been done. However, the Rand members and the location of our members still need to be identified. There are 37 Rand members, including two CS members at Guy Favreau. Completed.

    1606.02) Renaud will write to the Stewards a message that will be sent out in September to find out if they would be willing to help us reach members, if needed. He will forward it to us for feedback. Ongoing.

    1706.01) Philippe M. – Send the minutes of the September 20, 2016 meeting to Anne Renaud. Ongoing.

    1706.02) Renaud – Send the allocation documents (minutes of 2017 AGM, election report, financial statements, President's Report) – Ongoing – Renaud will check to see if the documents have been sent and, if applicable, will ask Mark D. to check whether we have received our allocation.

    1706.03) Philippe M. – Prepare the minutes of the meeting of June 27, 2017. Completed.

    1706-04) Philippe M. - Check whether we have the signed Treasurer’s Report and let Marc D. know.

    1706-05) Renaud – Bring the list of Rand members categorized by office to the next meeting.

    1706-06) New – Renaud will create a shared pipscollab file and check with Hugo on how to create pipscollab accounts. The drive has been set up, although not all of the accounts have been created. Renaud must check to see if the request for the accounts has been sent. Ongoing.

    1706-07) New – Renaud will ask Linda Martel for the list of Ville-Marie Branch Stewards.  Ongoing.

    1706-08) Vicky and Marc S. – Conduct a survey after the AGM - Completed

    1706-09) Vicky and Marc S. – Prepare a second survey to get an idea of the types of activities members would enjoy and submit it to the Executive by July 6 (approved July 13). Send to Communications on July 16 to be sent out to members on July 19. Completed.

    1706-10) Renaud – Find an email invitation for a happy hour. Damien found it and will send it to Philippe M. and Renaud. Completed.

    1707-11) New - Marc D. - Make the signature cards. Ongoing.

    1707-12) New - Vicky – Ask Anne for the updated Executive list and distribution list.

    1709.01) New – Renaud – Divide the Rand list by Steward.

    1709.02) New – Renaud – Ask the Quebec Regional Executive if there are any more training sessions for new employees/members.

    1709-03) New - Phil M. – Send the minutes of the June 27, 2017 meeting, which were approved today, to Anne Renaud.

    1709.04) New - Philippe M. - Prepare the September 7, 2017 minutes.

    1709.05) New - Vicky – Send an email to the Executive listing the speakeasies she knows about, as well as a message to send to members.

    1709.06) New - Philippe M. – Doodle for the next meeting. First two weeks of October – noon and 5:30 p.m.

    5. Issues Discussed

    • Discussion on the survey results
      • AGM: Some said there was not enough English, others did not attend because they don’t speak French, many were simply not interested. Some people mentioned they had a scheduling conflict or that the time chosen was not practical. The location is okay (only one person did not like it), the restaurant and meal were okay, and the length of the AGM was fine. We were unable to determine why people did not attend. Suggestions – Webex for those unable to come to the meeting. The comments were all negative, yet the numbers show a positive result. The next AGM should be held in the last two weeks of April.
      • Activities: The largest segment of respondents were aged 31 to 40. There were 102 respondents, 41% of whom do not work at one of the workplaces listed. One third of respondents are not interested in participating in activities. The best day for an activity is Thursday among Francophones, and Friday among Anglophones. The preferred time of the day for activities is after work, although the respondents were open to lunch and learns. Most preferred to stay downtown. The favourite activity is a Happy Hour.
    • Next networking activity with members: Happy Hour at a speakeasy; it has attracted a number of members to the Young Professionals Committee. Vicky sent us an email with the bars she knows about and a message to send to members. See new action item. We chose October 19 or 26.
    • Lunch and Learn at the Guy-Favreau Complex (Health Canada) – costs and follow-up:
      • Sandra Guéric wants to go and meet with her members – expectations and needs, get some insight into the workplace, for example, Workplace 2.0. The Executive agreed to a Lunch and Learn – the goal would be to attract a new Steward and to sign on some Rand members (3).
    • Joint Learning Program -
      • Includes both employer and union –A session is to be held on collective agreements. Early November – Two sessions, one English, one French. Renaud said that this training is right up our alley!

    6. Other Business

    • Next meeting – early October – Phil will send a doodle for the noon and evening meetings, the first two weeks of October.

    7. Adjournment

    • Philippe M. moved that the meeting be adjourned.
    • Vicky seconded the motion.
    • The meeting was adjourned.