Quebec City Branch


Meeting #3 - 2022-06-21


In Attendance:

Daniel BROUILLETTE (RETIRED)              Denis CAISSY (DND)                      

Karine REGIMBALD (DND)                         Réjean MICHAUD (RETIRED)

Sylvain COTE (ESDC)                                 Yvon Brodeur (RETIRED)    

Jean COUILLARD (CRA)                             Guy Abel (SSC)
Samuel Fortin (CRA)


Nancy LAVOIE (SSC)                                              Antoine RACINE (DND)


1. President’s opening remarks
At 6:40 p.m. the President called the meeting to order and thanked the members present at the meeting.


2. Agenda Review and Approval
Item 2.1 was added to the agenda by Denis Caissy and seconded by Réjean Michaud.
The agenda was approved as amended. Carried

2.1 Be it resolved that Samuel Fortin be appointed to the vacant position of Director  on the Quebec City Chapter Executive. Moved by Denis Caissy, seconded by Jean Couillard. Carried

Action item (Denis Caissy): Inform PIPSC to include Samuel Fortin as Director.


3. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the January 14, 2022 Meeting
The minutes were approved as presented.
Proposed by Denis Caissy, seconded by Jean Couillard. Carried


4. Financial report
The Treasurer sent his financial report, as well as the summary of our bank account transactions. No questions asked. The annual allowance will be requested. We are nearly short of checks.

Action item (Daniel Brouillette): Submit the application for our annual allowance.
Action item (Daniel Brouillette): Request a new set of check books.

4.1 Official appointment of the 4th Signing Officer
It is proposed that Guy Abel be the 4th Signing Officer for our bank account. Proposed by Denis Caissy, seconded by Karine Régimbald. Carried

Action item (Daniel Brouillette): Do the paperworks to appoint Guy Abel as a signing officer.

5. Roundtable
Karine: The Region has 4 new trainers. The Board agreed to the principle of peer training for the remaining regions. The Region is looking for a bilingual person interested in becoming a trainer.

Jean: The VFS Group has begun negotiations. Jean attended the VFS AGM.

Samuel: Samuel asked if it is normal for managers to use the status function in Teams to monitor employees. Participants at the consultation tables agreed that this is not acceptable.

Réjean: The Quebec City Retired Member Guild will resume its activities, but we are having problems getting the right bank authorization form.

Yvon:  A new representative, Joanne Potvin, has been appointed for the Quebec Region Retired Member Guild.

Sylvain:  Services Canada has been hiring a lot of people over the past year. The Department went from 25,000 to 35,000 employees. IT support staff has grown from 2 to 4 employees. There is no local consultation at Services Canada in Quebec City.

Guy:  Also there is no local consultation for SSC in Quebec City. SSC’s structure makes it inadequate. We have not heard from the national consultation team for several years. It would be interesting to assign a mentor to all new stewards to coach them as they begin their new role.

Daniel:  Still waiting for reimbursement from PIPSC. Is Concur PIPSC’s Phoenix?


6. Report from the Region
Participants at the Regional Council really liked the Council.

Action item (Denis Caissy): Propose the Region to hold a Youth Forum prior to the Regional Council or the Steward Council.

7. Branch’s activities for 2022

7.1 FEEDBACK regarding the family BBQ
We received 92 registrations and 70 members showed up. Because another large group was there at the same time, we lost control of the food, the inflatable game and the make-up artist. A wristband system would have been very helpful in managing the event.

Action item (Denis Caissy): Do not have Denis make the reservation.
Action item (Denis Caissy): Assign leaders to the various activities.
Action item (all):  Implement a wristband or coupon system for our future activities/meals.

7.2 AGM 2022 (highly unionized)
Date: October 19, 2022
Location: To be determined
Participants:  80 to 120 people
Agenda : Elections (half of positions for 1 year and half for 2 years)
Guests: PIPSC President and an ERO from Montreal
Meal: A 3-course menu (2 choices and one vegetarian meal), 2 glasses of wine and 1 drink for the 5@7
Other : Banquet format room configuration, space for projector/screen. Check for parking.

Action item (Guy Abel): Quote from Manoir Montmorency
Action item (Yvon Brodeur): Quote from Château Bonne Entente
Action item (Daniel Brouillette): Quote from Aquarium de Québec
Action item (Guy Abel): Check if Francis Bégin agrees to be the president of the Elections Committee.

7.3 What else to do? Movie, corn roast?
Movie and corn roast in 2023.
Early December 2022, Season’s 5@7.
Quebec City Capitales baseball game on August 26, 2022 ($20 discount for members).

Action item (Denis Caissy): Reserve the room at the Blaxton for the holiday 5@7.
Action item (Jean Couillard and Guy Abel): Plan the activity to attend a baseball game. 


8. Visibility items

8.1 Welcome package for new Executive members.
Business arising from last Minutes - Not done

Action item (Denis Caissy): Distribute the welcome package

8.2 Distribution of the polo shirts we are waiting for
Business arising from last minutes - will be distributed at the 2022 AGM.

8.3 Ordering Quebec City Branch Executive pins
Business arising from last Minutes - Not done

Action item (Denis Caissy): Order the pins.


9. Miscellaneous

10. Adjournment
Meeting is adjourned at 9:10 p.m. Moved by Guy Abel, seconded by Karine Régimbard. Carried