Quebec City Branch Minutes

Virtual Meeting

January 26, 2022


In Attendance:







Guy Abel (SSC) Yvon Brodeur (RETIRED)


Lisanne RACINE (DND)

Sylvain COTE (EDSC)


  1. President’s opening remarks
  2. Review and Approval of the Agenda

a. Proposed by Denis, seconded by Jean

  1. Reading and approval of the November 19, 2021 Minutes at a private residence

a. Proposed by Denis, seconded by Nancy

  1. Financial report

a. Presentation of the financial report

i. Daniel presented the financial report. There are still 2 accounts to pay. The allowance has been received.

ii. Action item: Guy will send the procedure for making payments/transfers through PIPSC.

5. Roundtable:

a. Daniel Brouillette: nothing new

b. Karine Régimbald: At the end of December, the team was back to telework 4 days a week until the end of January 2022.

c. Réjean Michaud: The Retired Members Guild will resume its work.

d. Jean Couillard: We are still teleworking at the CRA. Some 230 Agency employees are unvaccinated in Canada.

e. Guy Abel: Most of SSC staff work remotely.

f. Yvon Brodeur: Preparing the Task Force on Official Languages Task Force meeting that will be held in late January 2022.

g. Action item: Yvon will send out the documentation when it is available.

h. Nancy Lavoie: All employees are vaccinated except 1. The 3rd dose will not be given by the Employer. Lots of outbreaks in the workplace and amongst inmates.

i. Denis Caissy: Employees worked onsite in December to configure the laptops.


6. Region’s report

a. Celebrate Women’s Day

b. Training: April 27-30, 2022 (advanced grievance process, steward, burnout), Basic Steward Training early April 2022, OSH June 2022

c. Regional Council: May 27-28, Estrimont


7. New items

a. Shared Google Calendar - Denis demonstrated the use of the Branch Calendar.


8. Branch Activities for 2022

a. Pension Training (highly unionized) - Victoria Room is reserved for February 24, 2022, depending on lockdown restrictions. Action item: Réjean will monitor the situation and advise the Victoria Center.

b. Spring activity -

Action item: Karine and Nancy - Looking for an outdoor family activity in June (ex: Base de plein air de Ste-Foy)

Action item: Denis and Yvon - Happy hour after work in May (ex: Cécile & Ramone)

c. AGM 2022 (Highly Unionized) - Fall (October 19, 2022) Action item:  All directors, find a topic and a speaker.

Action item:   Denis will invite the new PIPDC President.

Action item:   Denis will start preparing the AGM agenda.

Action item:   Denis will create an Excel file for our activity guests.


  1. Visibility items

a. Welcome Package for New Executive Members - Lisanne

b. Distribution of the polo shirts we are waiting for - Lisanne

c. Ordering Quebec City Branch Executive pins

  1. Meeting adjournment