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Minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2017, held at La Voie Maltée restaurant, Québec City

Present: Pierre Girard, Réjean Michaud, Daniel Brouillette,Pierre-Claver Bigirindavyi, Denis Caissy, Gabrielle- Gosselin Pageau, Jean Couillard, Claude Rony, Nancy Lavoie

Absent: Denis Arsenault, Lisanne Racine.

Guest: Sylvain Coté (CS)

  1. Call to order at 5 p.m. and quorum established. Each one introduced himself, Denis Caissy explained what the Branch’s responsaibilities are. It was followed by a discussion.   
  2. The agenda was proposed by Pierre-Claver Bigirindavyi, seconded by Nancy Lavoie.      Carried
  3. Denis Caissy for Yvon Brodeur spoke about the national AGM (no dues increase, discussion on difficulties at the Board of Directors and the Region will present a motion on Phoenix).    Réjean Michaud,  Denis Caissy, Jean Couillard will be there.
  4. Adoption of the August 23, 2017, minutes, moved by Daniel Brouillette, seconded by Denis Caissy.  Carried
    The action items are set out later in the minutes.     
  5. Daniel Brouillette gave a financial update on finance and presented the financial statement and the synoptic journal. A Q&A followed.
  6. As a post-mortem of our AGM (long talk by Ms. Daviau, late supper, little in the plate, excellent attendance)
  7. Everyone wants to try PIPSC Collab and EventBrite.
  8. Gabrielle Gosselin-Pageau came back on the lecture organized by the NG group on North Korea at the Officers’ Mess. The presentation did not live up to expectations, as the current situation with North Korea and the United States was only slightly addressed. About 40 people came.
    For the next event: possibly a visit Donacona penitentiary with a talk on harassment...
  9. Round Table
  10. The next meeting is scheduled on 7 December in Calao and veterans will be invited. Pierre-Claver Bigirindavyi moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Gabrielle Gosselin Pageau (21:22). Carried