2018 Annual General Meeting  and Information session on Superannuation Pension Plan

Thursday, April 26, 2018 – 5 :30 p.m.

Centre communautaire de Pointe-au-Père (Pavillon multifonctionnel) :

400, avenue J.-Roger-Lebel, Rimouski (Pointe-au-Père)



Notice of Meeting :

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Quebec East Branch will take place on April 26, 2018 between 5:30 and 7:00 pm at Centre communautaire de Pointe-au-Père (Pavillon multifonctionnel), 400, avenue J.-Roger-Lebel, Rimouski (Pointe-au-Père).

At 19h00, after the AGM, M. Réjean Michaud, Vice President and Secretary of the Quebec Region Executive, will give us an information session on « Superannuation Pension Plan ». If we have time, he will also talk about “Dental and Health Benefits”.

A meal will be offered at the same time as the AGM (Cheese and cold cuts)

The agenda is as follows:

5:30 pm

1.     Opening Remarks

2.     Introduction of the Guests and Outgoing Executive

3.     Reading and Approval of the Agenda

4.     Reading and Adoption of the Minutes for the May 23, 2017 AGM

5.     President's Activity Report

6.     Financial Report

7.     Speeches

8.     Question Period

9.     Closing Remarks

7:00 pm

1.     Information session on Superannuation Pension Plan

2.     Dental and Health Benefits

Thank you and look forward to meeting you

Benoit Pelletier

Benoit Pelletier President, Québec East Branch

N.B.: Please confirm your attendance no later than April 14, 2018 by contacting Benoit Pelletier at

418-750-1596 (Cell) or so that we can make arrangements for the food.