The Prairie/NWT Young Professionals Committee (PNYPC) is seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • 5 large Branch Representatives. One from each branch: Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina. 
  • 1 Small Branch Representative. One representative from the Denwood, Lacombe-Red Deer, Lethbridge, Northeastern Alberta, Northern Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Prince Albert, or Suffield Branches

For the upcoming 2-year term there will be 4 positions, and for the upcoming 1-year term, there will be two positions. Terms will begin in January 2023 with a meeting thereafter.

Submit your nomination by December 15, 2022, using the form below.

The mandate of the committee is to:

  • provide advice to the Regional Executive on matters related to young professionals
  • increase confidence, skills, and knowledge regarding the union among young professionals
  • mobilize young professionals to play a role in building the union for the future

Objectives of the committee include, but are not limited to:

  • identifying barriers
  • advocating on behalf of young professionals
  • raising issues specific to young professionals
  • fostering relationships with like-minded community groups
  • reaching out to young professionals in the workplace
  • educating young professionals on the union’s role and its benefits

All PNYPC members will be expected to:

  • Make a commitment to be available for meetings and events
  • Organize events within their branch
  • Work closely as a team as well as independently to ensure committee objectives are met
  • Engage members on issues and collect feedback

All Prairie/NWT members under the age of 40 are encouraged to put their names forward.

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