Stewards play a critical role in our union. To show our appreciation to stewards in this region, we invite our members to nominate a steward for an award.

Submit a nomination using the form below. Nominations must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM MT on Friday, September 10, 2021. Please disconnect from the government VPN and use a personal device to ensure the form loads below.

To show our appreciation for those who take the time to nominate a steward, we’ll be giving away a gift drawn from the names of those who submit a nomination.


All stewards in Prairie/NWT Region who have been in the position for at least 1 year are eligible for the award. 


Nominations must come from regular members or EROs. Nominations received may be supplemented with input from our Employment Relations Officers (EROs) who interact with our stewards on a daily basis. 

Nominator’s name and contact information (phone number and email) must be included with the nomination form. A completed nomination must include the following information for the steward nominated: full name of the steward as well as their contact information and no more than a 300 word description of the steward’s qualities and successes.

Selection Process:

A regional committee reviews the nominations submitted. The stewards whose efforts qualify under the selection criteria will receive a memento at our Regional Steward Council to acknowledge that members noticed and appreciated their efforts.

Nominations will be reviewed taking into consideration the steward’s contributions that include some of the following activities:

  • Engaging new employees, introducing them to PIPSC, and encouraging them to sign a membership form
  • Encouraging Rands in the workplace to sign membership forms
  • Assisting members to be aware of the collective agreement, explaining that it was achieved through the efforts of their union, and the articles define their rights
  • Participating in, and encouraging members to participate in, the activities of sub-group, branch, group, regional, and/or national constituent bodies and committees
  • Engaging in continuous learning and in particular by participating in regional training school and other union related learning events
  • Listening to complaints from members fairly, clarifying the problem and providing guidance in the desired outcome
  • Attempting to resolve problems informally through meetings with management
  • Where necessary, gathering the applicable information needed to present a grievance; guiding the member through the grievance process, and providing them with support throughout the process
  • Other activities important to the membership