Friday, November 22, 2019, 5:00 pm

Windsor Room, Viscount Gort

Winnipeg, MB


Present: Jason Caners, Christine Freeman, Terri Gobeil, Cory Graham, David Hakes, Kevin Jacobs, Donna Johnston, Mo Khakbazan, Pramesh Selliah

Regrets: Jay Krishnan

  1. Call to Order
  • Cory called the meeting to order at 5:06 p.m.
  1. Approval of Agenda
  • Cory added to items to the agenda:
    • 6f: Brandon Children’s Christmas Party;
    • 6g: The 100th Anniversary Open house
  • Moved by Pramesh/seconded by David that the agenda, as amended, be approved.
  • Motion carried
  1. Approval of Minutes:
  • Terri asked for a clarification that the cap on the Brandon Open House be $X
  • Moved by Terri/seconded by Donna, that the minutes, as amended, be approved
  • Motion carried
  1. President’s Report
    • Cory stated that there has been nothing new since our last meeting. The next PRE is December 7 in Winnipeg, with the staff dinner being held on December 6. Cory will be attending both events.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Jason
    • Report is on file
    • Budget is on track
    • Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch expenses to October 31, 2019 were $X versus revenues of $X
  3. New Business
    • Open House Planning – Winnipeg,   Brandon
    • Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch open house scheduled for December 4 (Brandon), and December 5 (Winnipeg).
    • Brandon open house expecting attendance of approximately 25 members.
    • MOTION to provide up to $X for Brandon Open house to purchase beverages and food.
    • Moved by Mo seconded by Kevin.
    • Motion Carried
    • WSMB AGM was discussed. A location will be chosen that is on a major bus route and has free and sufficient parking. Once location and date is finalized a deposit will be needed.
    • Winnipeg Blue Bomber’s game summary. It was not possible to tell who were PIPSC members in attendance. More people would be needed to help if greater member outreach were to occur. Discussion to be tabled until 2020.
    • CONCUR expense system. Generally, Branch Executive had positive comments regarding CONCUR expense system.
    • 100 Anniversary promo items. PIPSC 100th Anniversary promotion items were ordered for the Branch (50 for Brandon and 50 for Winnipeg).
    • Brandon Children’s Christmas Party. For the past two years the WSMB has donated to this event. It is supported by PIPSC and PSAC and over 30 children usually attend. Items purchased in previous years included oranges, books, etc.
    • MOTION: To Donate up to $X to the Brandon and Area Kids Christmas Party- based on provided receipts.
    • Moved by Mo, seconded by Chris
    • Motion CarriedPIPSC 100th Anniversary Open House scheduled week of February 6th at PIPSC office. The executive was informed that groups and subgroups may be asked to host events around this event.
  4. Old Business
    • PIPSC AGM reflections discussion
  5. Round Table
  • Donna reminded executive to wear their name tags at AGM
  • Mo volunteered to be Election Chair for AGM.
  • Dave- nothing to report
  • Jason- CONCUR app works well on Apple device
  • Cory will be attending the Prairie Regional Executive meeting in December
  • MAGE started negotiations- ongoing court case
  • Kevin received approval for funds from Better Together for Respect Week events.
  • Mo can we purchase prizes for open house? It was decided that Cineplex gift cards purchased in previous year would be available at the AGM for door prizes.
  • WSMB brochure- Chris mentioned it looks great and thanked Cory for producing it.
  • Terri- nothing to add
  1. Next meeting dates
    • January 14th at 17:00  pending availability of PIPSC office.
  2. Standing Motion to Pay $x for meal and beverages
  3. Adjournment. Motion to adjourn. Moved by Pramesh seconded by Jason
    • Carried
    • Meeting adjourned at 17:52