Meeting – April 9, 2019 at 5:00 pm

960-363 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Present: Pramesh Selliah, Donna Johnston, Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, David Hakes, Linda Howes, Jason Caners Terri Gobeil, Jay Krishnan

Regrets: Mo Khakbazan, Chris Freeman


  1. Call to Order
  • Linda called the meeting to order at 17:13.
  1. Approval of Agenda
  • Moved by Linda, seconded by Pramesh, motion carried
  1. Minutes of last meetings, March 21, 2019
  • Moved by Cory, seconded by Donna. motion carried
  1. President’s Report
  • PRC – mandatory for all delegates to attend the March on May 25!
  • See attached report for full details

Member engagement events:

  1. lunch & Learn May 14 - Jay
  2. Brandon open house & Christmas event - Mo
  3. Wpg Open House – Donna/Pramesh
  4. Strike! Musical ticket give away.

MOTION: Branch buys 4 tickets to Rainbow Stage production of STRIKE! The Musical (2 sets of 2) for advertising and give away to members as prize for a draw. Estimate $xx for the tickets. Linda Moved, Pramesh Second. Carried.

  1. Bomber Game – Jason
  2. Steward Appreciation – Dave – ideas – axe throwing, rumors comedy club, brew pub, billards, bowling – possibly in the fall
  3. Goldeyes game – Donna looked into pricing
  4. PIPSC 101 – lunch & learn – Cory – targeted towards the Group as separate employers not Federal/treasury board.
  5. Branch L&L – PIPSC 101 – Jay / Kevin
  6. Possible Member Volunteerism events –
    1. Clean up day
    2. Flood fighting
    3. Serving at Slalom Mission
    4. Winnipeg Harvest
    5. Christmas Cheer Board
  7. Public Service Week –
    1. Jay BBQ @ work
    2. Kevin – something with PSAC
    3. Linda – Lombard event
  8. Wpg Pride Parade – aug 28
  9. Labour Day event – Chris / Pramesh
  10. Remembrance Day – lay a wreath
  11. Member Picnic / BBQ – Branch level – idea of buy some toys/games, etc and raffle them off to attendees at the end of the event.

Nancy – May 15/16 – L&L – noon at PIPSC office. Topic – 3 Central Bargaining Pillars.

Norma, VP visit – May 13-17. L&L at Lab

Ideas for Promotional items:


Shopping bags


PIPSC AGM (Nov 8/9, 2019)

Registration starts May 1, 2019. 654 delegates. 5 delegates from WASM Branch. Selection of branch attendees based upon who was not delegate last year & then remainder random selection from all names entered.

Delegates 2018: Chris, Terri, Mo

Delegates 2019: Jay, Pramesh, Cory, Kevin, David

Alternatives 2019: Jason, Terri, Chris, Donna, Mo

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Circulated financial report.
  • Received annual allotment.
  • Reimbursed for 2017 AGM (salary) which was erroneously charged to the Branch.
  • Motion to accept financial report. Moved Jason, Seconded Kevin. Carried.
  1. New Business
  • Event Planning – discussed above.
  1. Other Business:
    • Selection of dates for future meetings:
      • May 7, 2019
      • June 4, 2019
      • September 5, 2019
    • Round Table
  • Terri – 9 new nurses starting in May. Possibly more in September. AFM SH subgroup May 9.
  • Donna – Retired members guild AGM, 12 attendees. Donna Elected Secretary[1] – Paul Schick, President.
  • Jay – Sean Kembell is a tour guide for Wpg Strike tours. Marshall training for the Parade – Jay volunteers if position open. Possibly purchase Thank You for VP and Director visit.

MOTION: Move the branch to use 2 of the Cineplex gift cards to distribute to CP and Regional Director as Thank you for coming to Winnipeg, Linda moved, Jason second. Carried.

MOTION: Jay to be reimbursed for the 15 - $XX gift cards purchased on the Branches behalf for Cineplex. Moved Terri, Linda Second. Carried.

  • Dave – no news
  • Kevin – attended SP AGM in Montreal last weekend. Is a Friend of Science Advisory Committee. Attended first meeting a few weeks ago.
  • Jason – CS Subgroup AGM, Thursday.
  • Cory – MAGE AGM scheduled for April 30.
  • Linda – AV subgroup meeting – Victoria in May. Ottawa L&L ACFO & D. Daviau. Attending PRC in May.

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $xx and Donna for allergen appropriate meal: $xx. Reimburse Cory $xx for plates, cutlery, bowls and take out containers for branch use.

  1. Adjournment

Motion: Moved by Cory.

Meeting adjourned at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 19:13

President’s Report is available upon request

[1] Donna notified that due to Constitution of the WASM Retired Members, the Secretary-Treasurer is a combined position, so she will not be fulfilling the Secretary Role. To split into two roles, needs a bylaw change. Secretary-Treasurer will be filled by John White.