Meeting – October 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm
1017 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB


Present:Terri Gobeil, Herbert Herrera, Pramesh Selliah,
Donna Johnston, Cory Graham, Linda Howes, Jason Caners, Jay Krishnan, Bryan Van Wilgenburg

Regrets:Chris Freeman, Mo Khakbazan

Guests: none

1)Call to Order

  • Jay called the meeting to order at 5:12

2)Approval of Agenda

  • Moved by Jay, seconded by Herbert, motion carried

3)Minutes of last meetings, September 17, 2018

  • Moved by Cory, seconded by Pramesh, motion carried

4)President’s Report (Jay presented on behalf of Chris)

  • MFL – affiliate member request supporting documents to be presented to PIPSC, as current PIPSC policy in effect is that not allowed to join at a provincial level as PIPSC involved at federal level:

Action – Chris to prepare documents

  • Holiday Dinner – Need to determine policy/practice for Executive member’s invited guest to dinner - deferred to Holiday Dinner portion of agenda.
  • AGM – need to determine policy/practice for non-PIPSC guest attendance at Branch AGM & election chair, reimbursement policy for out of town members – deferred to AGM portion of agenda.
  • Future meetings – preference to have Executive meetings at the PIPSC boardroom when available.

5)Treasurer’s Report

  • Jason circulated income & cash flow statement electronically prior to meeting.
  • $XX -XX for Open House and AGM needed.
  • Received money from Region for banner & visibility items.
  • In January Treasurer will claim to PIPSC for August, September & October executive meetings.
  • Treasurer has submitted already for May & July.

MOTION: Pay for name tags ordered for Executive at a cost of $XX. Moved: Jason, 2nd Jay, discussion regarding the process to order and spend funds. Carried.

6)New Business

  • Event Planning:
  • Bomber Game – approximately 30 attendees. Potentially door prizes for a future event. Was a good event.
  • Open House – Winnipeg, King’s Head - Thursday Dec 6, 2018. Donna & Terri – Posters are up.1 drink ticket to all upon arrival. 2nd upon request. Need membership lists and attendees to provide membership number upon entry.
  • Open House – Brandon - Mo - $XX approved previously. Update deferred
  • Executive Meeting/Holiday Dinner – Saturday Dec 8 (start 5 or 6 pm) Hotel Fort Garry. Linda – to circulate options for the meal to Executive. Majority rules regarding menu. Menu to be set Nov 8, payment due Dec 5.

MOTION: Budget of maximum $XX (including beverages). Moved: Linda, 2nd Jay, discussion regarding meal, drinks. Carried.

MOTION: Charge $XX donation for each Executive member to bring one guest. Funds to be provided to the Legacy fund.Moved: Linda, 2nd Jay, discussion regarding time commitments of Branch through the year, the benefits of Legacy. Defeated.

  • WSMB AGM – Jay, Herbert – Caboto Centre – January 24 - $XX per person, includes 1 drink (wine or beer) with an Italian Buffet: Beef or chicken, Pasta with tomatoes, assorted roast veg, tossed salad, coffee/tea/juices.Rental fee waived based upon 75 attendees.

Action: Herbert to confirm Pasta is vegetarian, if pop available, and if additional alcohol can be purchased by attendees for cash sale.
MOTION: Herbert to book Caboto centre for the Branch AGM to be held Thursday January 24, 2019. Moved: Jay, 2nd Donna. Carried.

MOTION: To allow non-PIPSC members to attend the Branch AGM. Moved: Jay, 2nd Linda, Discussion regarding allowing non-PIPSC members to attend the AGM, practices of other groups and branches. Defeated.

Election Chair -Terri by acclimation.

Up for election: 6 positions, currently held by: Jason, Donna, Moe, Jay, Bryan, Pramesh

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $XX

7)Other Business:

  • Round Table

Discussion on expenditure of branch funds and process of motion, vote and consensus.

-Jay - Subgroup AGM yesterday VP/SEC up for reelection. Approx 30 people in attendance.
oregarding email circulated for request of $XX for employee led Federal Charity fundraiser at DFO.Funding for event, not the campaign.

MOTION: Branch spend up to $XX for GCWCC Canada Charitable event support at Fisheries and Oceans, U of M campus. Moved: Jay, 2nd Bryan. Carried.

-Linda – NOW IS A STEWARD!!! AV subgroup lunch & learn upcoming. Questions about the wellness program.
-Terri – Concerns regarding licensing and liability insurances and whether legal fees covered by employer
-Bryan – SP met with Treasury Board to initiate negations. Next date Dec 4-6. Announced he will not be standing for elections in January, as moving to Ottawa.
-Jason – CS networking activity in the works.

Next meeting December 8, 2018.


Motion: Moved by Bryan
Meeting adjourned at 6:20