Monday February 26, 2024 5:30 pm



Present: Cory Graham, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Chris Freeman,  Mo Khakbazan      (Zoom), Kevin Jacobs, Brent Maine

Regrets: David Hakes, Blair English,

Guest: Josh Fidelek


  1. The Chair called the meeting to Order at 17:24
  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Pramesh

Seconded by Terri



  1. Approval of Minutes:

     a) last meeting -  January 14, 2024

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Chris



  1. President’s Report

     a) PRE meeting January 27th in Calgary discussion with respect to PIPSC AGM delegate selection. BOD considering a                   specific process and criteria for delegate selection. Regional Executive was not in agreement because several branches           have established criteria.

     b) Treasurer training occurred. Feedback was positive. Question whether additional sessions will be held.

     c) Due date for Labour School/ Advanced Steward Training applications is February 27th.

     d) Branch responsible for a social event at Labour School in Winnipeg. Will be Friday night. Suggesting the Forks Market/             Commons for an event (food and beverage) similar to what was held at Steward Council in September.

     e) Pramesh will be attending the next Prairie NWT Regional Executive on behalf of Branch.


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jason)

     a) Report on file, 2023 will have a $X surplus. Year end $X balance as of  December 31, 2023.

       Projected allotment will be similar for 2024.

       Largest expense for 2024 will be AGM at approximately $X. Some uncashed cheques from 2023.

Motion to reimburse Pramesh $X for AGM selection subcommittee meal expense.

Moved by Pramesh

Seconded by Chris



Motion to appoint Josh Fidelek as interim Executive member until 2024 AGM

Moved by Cory

Seconded by Terri



  1. New Business

     i) Branch AGM Planning Committee Recommendation

        Three quotes received, Holiday Inn (Polo Park), and Viscount Gort were both competitive, Canad Inn did not respond in a          timely manner.

        Holiday Inn was selected as they offered a buffet in the room.

     ii) AGM will be May 9th

     iii) Will use Google Form for registration.

     iv) Terri will set up form

     v) Discussion on door prizes

     vi) Cory will look into reusable cutlery

     vii) Resolutions – none proposed so far

     viii) Constitution requires 3 weeks notice

     ix) Election Chair - Christine

          1. up for election:  Mo, Pramesh, Brent, Kevin, Jason, (vacant position now Josh)

Discussion about no-shows and need to possibly charge in the future.

          b) Ideas for how to best use allotment – Pramesh provided some suggestions.


  1. Old Business

     a) Selection criteria for National AGM delegates – update (Dave/Pramesh/Chris)

         Comments received

          Discussion on Retired Members Guild members as observers, question what do other branches do?

          Discussion on how to engage young professional members.

          Discussion on proposed points system.

          Branch Executive will have until the end of day March 11th to provide comments.

     b) Engagement 

          i) Bomber Game 2024 (Jason) discussion: Need to be within policy with respect to professional sporting events.

          ii) Airplane Museum 2024 (Kevin) – Discussion on cost, seems like a large expense (late September or October                             possible), Decided to park idea for now and look at other options such as Manitoba Museum.

          iii) Valour Game (David) May or June 2024 – deferred

     c) Standing Events

          i) Steward Appreciation Oct 2024 -Assign tasking after AGM and elections

          ii) Winnipeg Open House, December 2024

          iii) Brandon Open House, December 2024 Blair/Mo

     d) Volunteer Opportunity

          i) Branch registered/accepted to volunteer at MB Harvest (just need to select date(s)) deferred.


  1. Round Table

Chris- nothing to report

Pramesh attending IT AGM, and PRE

Jason- nothing to report

Terri- Reported on Labour Management meetings, ESDC meeting in Victoria

Josh suggests Cinematique can be rented for $X for 85 people and can have an educational component. Josh to research possible films and report at the next executive meeting.

Kevin- Has been busy with multiple PIPSC meetings including a recent presentation at an SP Subgroup meeting in Edmonton, Term Rollover policy suspended at DFO

Mo- RE Members ratified the tentative agreement, waiting for the Treasury Board to sign.


  1. Next meeting dates/time (every second in person)

Try the first Thursday of the month. Executive in favour of continuing to meet at Junction 59 for in person meetings.

Cory will send out a schedule.


10. Adjournment

As  there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:01 pm