Sunday January 14, 2024 10:00 am



Present:       Cory Graham, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Chris Freeman, David Hakes, Blair English, Mo Khakbazan, Kevin Jacobs

Observer:     Donna Johnson

Regrets:       Jason Caners, Brent Maine,


  1. Call to Order 10:07
  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Mo  Khakbazan

Seconded by Blair  English



3. Moment of silence in memory of Pam Kubitz


4. Approval of Minutes:

     a) Last meeting -  October 11, 2023

          Moved by Terri Gobeil

          Seconded by David Hakes



5. President’s Report- Cory Graham

     a) Next Prairie NWT Region Executive   (PRE) Meeting is January 27th Calgary

        Last PRE meeting December via Zoom, committee chair selections have taken place. Committees of the Board                          nominations generated much interest this year.

     b) Cory will inquire if any updates re the targeted Treasurer training to be developed. Will be mandatory attendance by                  Treasurer.


6. Treasurer’s Report (Jason) deferred.


 A discussion on possible promotional items was held. Examples suggested included:

  • re-usable food bags,
  • block note pads- non stick
  • note books
  • new name tags

Pramesh volunteered to investigate promotional items.


7. New Business

Motion to authorize expenditure of the items for prizes for member engagement events. (note: was circulated and approved by email)

     a) gift cards (for minutes – 15x  Tim Horton’s, 15x Red River Co-op, 15x  Safeway, MLCC 15x, 1x Bass Pro/Cabella’s, 1x            Safeway, 1x Canadian Tire)

Moved by Blair English

Seconded by Pramesh Selliah


     b) Motion for cooler bags for promotional events

        (Note: was circulated and approved by email)

Moved by Cory Graham

Seconded by Chris Freeman,



     c) AGM Planning: Mo and Pramesh volunteered.

         Need to obtain quotes. Possible locations were discussed.

          i) Suggested dates (May 9 Preferred, May 16 back up) Note Prairie Regional Council is in Canmore is May 30 – Jun 2).

          ii) Resolutions- there were none

          iii) Constitution requires 3 weeks notice

          iv) Election Chair (Chris Freeman volunteered)

             1. up for election:  Mo, Pramesh, Brent, Kevin, Jason, (Donna vacant position)

     d) Ideas for budget?

          i) Summer BBQ Brandon?

          ii) To discuss next meeting

          iii) Promotional items

          iv) other


8. Old Business

     a) Selection criteria for National AGM delegates – update (Dave/Pramesh/Chris), deferred.

     b) Engagement 

          i) Bomber Game 2024 (Jason) deferred

          ii) Airplane Museum 2024 (Kevin) – looking for family friendly event, e.g. subsidized ticket, during the day (Sunday                         afternoon), snacks, veggies, dip, etc,. Target 100

          iii) Goldeyes- David has been contacted by organization. Many no shows last year. Suggest subsidized ticket as                            opposed to free ticket to discourage no shows.

          iv) Valour Game (David) May or June 2024 – if May need to send to Communications in March

          Discussion that baseball might be better because it allows for more social opportunity.

     c) Standing Events

          i) Steward Appreciation Oct 2024

          ii) Winnipeg Open House,

             1. Feedback on 2023 Open House

             2. Flea Whiskey’s December 2024

          iii) Brandon Open House,

             1. Feedback on 2023 Open House was well received.

     d) Volunteer Opportunity

          i) Branch registered/accepted to volunteer at MB Harvest (just need to select date(s)).

             1. Shirts for those that volunteer - deferred


9. Terri/ Cory working on procuring jackets


10. Round Table

a. Dave- treasurer training for subgroups Wednesday afternoon

b. Pramesh- feedback from open house- people seemed to like it. Much bigger location, door prizes worked out very well. Cost came in under $X.

c. Mo- two questions? date for Labour school (note it is April 18-20, 2024). Any regional elections this year?

d. Chris- subsidized tickets, how to collect money? Discussion. Could pay full price and reimburse? Chris has retired. The executive congratulated Chris on her retirement.

e. Blair- had Brandon open house- 12 members and 2 spouses, a small number had to cancel.

f. Kevin- scheduled for Advisory Council in two weeks and Group Executive meeting the week after.

g. Cory- noted the MGEU reached a tentative agreement with the government.


11. Next meeting date end of February (last week of February) Kevin to send a poll.


12. Good and Welfare: The executive thanked Donna Johnston for all her years of service on the executive.


13. Adjournment:

As there was no further business- the meeting was adjourned at 10:59 am