Wednesday September 13, 2023 5:30 pm

Junction 59




Present:      Cory Graham, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Chris Freeman, Jason Caners David Hakes, Blair English, Mo Khakbazan, Brent Maine, Kevin Jacobs


Regrets:      Donna Johnston


  1. Call to Order  

 The President (Cory Graham) called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


  1. Approval of Agenda    

Moved by Terri Gobeil/Seconded by Pramesh Selliah;

Motion carried


  1. Approval of Minutes:

     a) Last meeting -  July 20, 2023     Moved by Kevin Jacobs/Seconded by Blair English

Motion carried


  1. President’s Report (Cory Graham)

     a) Next PRE meeting Sept 21 prior to Steward Council

     b) Will enquire about targeted Treasurer training to be developed (Nancy). Will be mandatory attendance by Treasurer.

     c) Banners ordered for all Small Branches following motion at PRC

     d) PRE meet & greet in Wpg for Sept 20th – currently 53 registered


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jason Caners)
  • Gold Eyes game – see Item 7 (e)(ii) for discussion
  • Bags - some kept for Open House and some sent to Brandon
  • Allotment has been received
  • Promo items expense higher because it came at the end of the year
  • Send items with Blair English and Mo Khakbazan for Brandon
  • Maybe we should reconsider promo items
  • Perhaps we should look at tweaking the budget so better reflect our current operations


  1. New Business

     a) Donna Johnston    is recusing herself from the Branch Executive; we will have an open spot on the executive; Moved by Cory Graham/Seconded by Chris Freeman that Cory Graham purchase a $X gift card as a token of our appreciation; Chris Freeman volunteered to do the write up for a citation for her

     b) Pam Kubicz   Cory Graham delivered the gift card for Uber Eats and the Branch Citation Certificate; the certificate must be returned as missing signature; Pam Kubicz was very appreciative for both

​​​​​​​     c)Glenn Schur  Samah Henein would like to observe a moment of silence in

honour of Glenn Schur and wanted a picture of him; Brent Maine said that he could supply that


  1. Old Business

     a) Laptop for branch – Ordered to arrive this week; Cory Graham stated that she has received it and the process is simple

     b) Selection criteria for National AGM delegates – update (Dave/Pramesh)

Dave Hakes and Pramesh Selliah are working on the questions; Pramesh expressed concern as to who would be making the decision because feelings could be hurt; Blair English mentioned that lack of co-ordination between the groups when deciding on delegate spots interferes; he also stated that the Groups see the Branch as a source of AGM delegate spots and are therefore not giving seats to members who sit on the Branch executive; Brent Maine stated that he thought all new people to the Executive who had not gone to an AGM should automatically get a spot; it was agreed that Dave and Pramesh would work with Christine, as she had developed a draft questionnaire

​​​​​​​     c) Steward Council 2023 Winnipeg, September 22/23

          i) Branch to identify

             1. Event / social activity –True North Square (Kevin/Cory)

             2. Charity to fundraise for –

             3. Swag item (Cory) – cutlery purchased

     d) Steward event Friday night currently 45 registered


​​​​​​​     e) Engagement 

          i) Bomber Game 2023 (Jason) deferred due to Goldeyes planned

          ii) Goldeyes Game 2023 (David/Terri) – lessons learned?

Nearly half the people registered did not show up and did not send regrets; solutions suggested were; keeping a list of the no shows and relegating them to the bottom of the list for any future events; having a registration fee either through Event Brite ;having an e-transfer to a Branch executive member before a ticket was issued - Chris volunteered for that; billing the no show for the cost of the event – advance warning on the poster would have to be issued

          iii) Airplane Museum 2023 (Kevin) -  deferred for now

          iv) Valour Game 2023 (David) May or June 2024 – deferred for now


​​​​​​​     f) Standing Events

          i) Steward Appreciation Oct 2023 (Terri) – set for October 19; poster is being sent to Lesley to have posted

          ii) Winnipeg Open House, King’s Head December 2023 Pramesh – date set for December 7; Pramesh will explore Flea Whiskey’s as a potential new site as December 7 is an issue for the King’s Head

          iii) Brandon Open House, December 2023 Blair/Mo – they will tie in with Winnipeg date; most likely the same venue


​​​​​​​     g) Volunteer Opportunity

          i) Branch registered/accepted to volunteer at MB Harvest (just need to select date(s)) – Cory Graham – deferred until next meeting

               1. Shirts for those that volunteer – Jason – moved by Christine Freeman/Seconded by Terri Gobeil that a budget of $X be set for the shirts


  1. Round Table:
  • Mo Khakbazan mentioned that there was a motion coming for dues to be changed from fixed amount to a percentage of salary
  • Blair English talked about the election and the need to be active
  • Kevin Jacobs said that he was busy with consultation
  • Pramesh Selliah said that he was involved with National Consultation; budget cuts had been announced; contracts were not being settled; positions were not being filled
  • Jason Caners told us that he had facilitated a Strategic Consultation workshop; it included a session on “How to make your ask”
  • Brent Maine volunteered to help pramesh with the Open House; mentioned that he had received a scam email from Cory asking for gift cards; it was stated that other Presidents have had this problem
  • Cory Graham said that their PIPSC negotiator has left, so there were no bargaining dates until they have met with the new negotiator; hoping it will happen after Stewards’ Council


  1. Next meeting date/time      October 11, 2023; Flea Whiskey’s; 5:30 p.m.


10. Adjournment                There being no further business, Cory Graham moved that

 The meeting be adjourned at 7:15 p.m.