Thursday January 19, 2023 5:30 pm

2005 Pembina Highway




Present: Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs,, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah,  Jason Caners,   Brent Maine,  Mo Khakbazan (Zoom), David Hakes,

Regrets : Donna Johnston, Pam Kubicz, Christine Freeman


  1. Call to Order 17:36
  2. Approval of Agenda

Moved by David, seconded by Pramesh



  1. Approval of Minutes:
    1. Last meeting -  December 10, 2022

Moved by Kevin, Seconded by Terri

Spelling error fixed

Approved as amended


  1. President’s Report (Cory)
  • Next Prairie Region Executive is Feb 2/3, Saskatoon

Have not had meeting since last Branch meeting

  • Prairie Regional Council June 2/3, Regina
  • Labour School April 28/29, Edmonton
  • Steward Council September 22/23
  • Kevin and Cory evaluating Manitoba Museum for Steward Council event.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jason)
  • Financial statements on file.
  • Small deficit last year
  • A little bit over budget on meeting meals
  • Jason to claim reimbursement for meals from PIPSC for this meeting and possibly December 2022.
  • We used to have meetings in the PIPSC office and ordered take out food but now we have had to have meetings at restaurants which costs more.
  • Confusion over Better Together funding from open house. Supposed to be filled out in Concur, which was confusing.
  • Better Together also for Steward Appreciation Event.
  • Cory to raise topic again with Regional Director
  1. New Business
    1. Direction email re: single use plastics (AGM, event planning)

Cory forwarded PIPSC direction for single use plastics.

7. Old Business

a. Promo items update (Kevin)

  • Toques, scarves, and key chains are in production. The process took longer than expected.
  • Action item: Branch to finalize plans for any additional promotional items this spring.

b. Branch - AGM planning (Donna) (regrets)

i. Dates (note) need to avoid labour school, need before May long weekend provide a variety of date options for Donna, members generally happy with Clarion, possible date between April 18-May 11, 2023 excluding week of labour school.

ii. AGM Budget is $x, prizes we have 20 door prizes currently, suggest another 10 prizes for unionized grocery store.

iii. Debate on whether budget is sufficient if attendance is higher than expected. Budget is based on historical attendance of the event. If more people register than expected the budget can be adjusted as required.

iv. Discussion on appropriate number of beverage tickets. Decision was one drink ticket per attendee, then cash bar.

v. There was consensus to invite the Regional Director

c. Selection criteria for Branch delegates to the National AGM.

Pramesh and David working on this.

d. Steward Council 2023 Winnipeg, September 22/23

i. Branch to identify

  1. Event / social activity – Museum (Kevin), reporting to region based on tour of museum.

2. Charity (Pramesh)

Possible looking into Scott Oake for speaker and Bruce Oake Recover Centre for fundraiser.

Mo suggested Big Daddy Tazz as entertainment.

3. Swag item (Cory) suggesting cutlery.

There was consensus.

e. Engagement 

  1. Bomber Game 2023 (Jason to look into it) August-September
  2. Goldeyes Game  2023 (David)
  3. Airplane Museum 2023 (Kevin)
  4. Valour Game 2023 (David) May- June.
  5. Brent looking at hosting a retirement seminar May or June (in person)

f. Standing Events

  1. Steward Appreciation Sept/Oct 2023
  2. Winnipeg Open House, King’s Head December 2023
  3. Brandon Open House, December 2023-

Note: need to get notice out 2 months plus ahead of time.

  1. Round Table

Mo- open house in Brandon, participants suggested having BBQ again

Cory- has a group executive member in Brandon who volunteered to help out

Jason- nothing to add

Brent- nothing to add

Dave- has been back in workplace for 6 months full-time.

Terri- return to office is a big issue, many people full time teleworking, agreements might be rescinded, however leases are not being renewed across Western Canada.

Pramesh- has been going in at least twice per week. Many issues raised in workplace.

Kevin- will be Acting DFO Consultation Team President.

  1. Next meeting date/time 2nd or 3rd week of February. Suggest February 9, 5:15 pm.

Elections Mo, and Kevin, to be election chairs, Jason also willing to help.

10. Adjournment

Moved by Pramesh, Seconded by Terri

The meeting was adjourned at 18:41