Meeting – Feb 12, 2018 at 5:15 pm

Boston Pizza, City Place, 333 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg, MB


Present:  Jason Caners, Chris Freeman, Terri Gobeil, Herbert Herrera,

Donna Johnson, Mo Khakbazan, Jay Krishnan, Pramesh Selliah,

Bryan Van Wilgenburg

Regrets:   Cory Graham, Linda Howes

  1. Call to Order
  • Jay called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
  • He asked for a volunteer to take minutes
  • Chris Freeman volunteered
  1. Approval of Agenda
  • Moved by Chris, seconded by Pramesh, motion carried
  1. Minutes of last meetings, December 8, 2017 &  January 18, 2018 (draft AGM)
  • Moved by Chris Freeman, seconded by Herbert Herrera, both motions carried
  1. President’s Report
  • Jay attended the Prairie Regional Executive (PRE) meeting at the Delta Winnipeg on February 10, 2018 and gave the Branch executive the following update on the happenings of the Region
  • Prairie regional executive @ the Delta: 20180210
  • Kieth Lang has stepped down from the PRE, he is the chair for the national consultation
  • Committee. Stephanie Turner from PA branch attended for Keith. Bobby is the training
  • Committee chair on the PRE.
  • Unifor left CLC, PIPSC still on
  • Shannon Bittman has health issues, Sean O’Reiley is acting
  • Special GM in NCR to remove a Director (Peter Taticek) from the board. Yvon Brodeur
  • (Director, QC) he was bankrupt...There is 4 page document online, take a read.
  • Board of Director’s planning session was in Montreal
  • -Review of board’s committees
  • -Presentations by chiefs of programs
  • -Our alliances (CLC, CCPA, tax fairness)
  • -Bylaws and policy cleanup
  • -Big election this year: Election committee wants candidate’s Bios in video format, but only in
  • One language. Closed captioning may be an option, being reviewed.
  • -Discussed all resolutions from the AGM floor that were referred to the board
  • Subgroups and branches will receive annual allowance for retired members as well
  • Branches can buy more hoodies together: an email will come from Robert Trudeau
  • Leftover hoodies and T shirts will be given out at basic steward training (March 15-18 in
  • Edmonton and Oct 18-20 Wpg)
  • There was a pipe issue =>flooding in the union office. Contractor’s fault, and they will fix. Still
  • not leased, Once LRT is complete better chance
  • 2018 list of members, retired members and rands will be mailed out by Nancy
  • Labor school: May 10-12, Edmonton. Invitation went out last week, March 16th deadline, max
  • 50.
  • Regional council: June 1-2, Edmonton. Sharon is looking at organizing the evening event. No
  • Decision made yet re. speaker(s). Robert T wants to organize an afs meeting on Friday before
  • Noon. Nancy said the region will pay for the room (room rent only). Other groups can look into it.
  • June 1: branch president’s meeting before the council.
  • Steward council: September 28-29, Wpg.
  • Visibility package available from the mothership, branch president should request.
  • 2019 Labor school May 9-11, plan activities to align with centenary celebrations of Winnipeg
  • general strike
  • Nat’l training committee planning to train the trainers: Topics: Pension, disability, and dental
  • Benefits.
  • Broadbent summit: Winnipeg May 10-11 (same time as labor school), April 19-20 in Edmonton.
  • Only 3 seats for our region, trying to see if all the pre folks could attend.
  • People from our region in various national committees
  • Election Appeals: Barrie Wickware
  • Information Technology Services & Projects: Todd McCoy
  • Elections: Patrick Provost
  • Science Advisory: Elizabeth Ptasznik
  • Human Rights & Diversity: Samah Henein
  • By-Laws & Policy: Christine Freeman
  • Finance: Sharon Losinski (1) and Rob Trudeau (2)
  • Professional Recognition & Qualifications: Stewart Wong
  • Training & Education: Bobby Eiswirth, Chair of the Prairie/NWT Regional Training
  • Committee
  1. Treasurer’s Report

Jason gave us an update on Branch finances

We have money

Will apply for the allotment now that we have approved the draft minutes for the AGM and the election report

Will ask for new banking documents once he has the results of the Branch executive officers

  1. Election of Officers

Motion: Be it resolved that the President’s position for the remainder of the term be by election at this meeting

Moved by Chris Freeman, seconded by Bryan Van Wilgenburg, motion carried

Terri Gobeil acted as the elections chair

She received one nomination for each of the vacant position

She called for nominations from the floor; there were none

The following candidates were acclaimed:

President – 1 year    Chris Freeman

Vice President – 2 years  Jay Krishnan

Secretary – 1 year    Cory Graham

Treasurer – 2 years  Jason Caners

Moved by Chris Freeman, seconded by Jay Krishnan that we break for dinner at 6:25 p.m.

Jay called the meeting back to order at 6:48 p.m.

  1. New Business

Jason noted that someone would need to contact Pam for the return of the Branch computer and the parliamentary procedures book

Chris stated that she would take care of that

Motion:  Be it resolved that the Branch recognize the contributions of past executive members – Pam Kubicz, Ron Goldberg, Brent Maine and Glenn Schur – and submit applications to PIPSC for citation certificates

Moved by Chris Freeman, seconded by Herbert Herrera, motion carried

Standing motion to reimburse Mo for travel expenses - $188.10

Standing motion to reimburse Donna for dinner cost - $320.70

  1. Other Business:
    • Round Table

Bryan welcomed and gave his thanks for the new people who have joined the executive

Terri reported on the Phoenix rally at 280 Broadway; there was not good turnout; thanked Herbert and Chris for attending; mentioned that she got a lot of thank-yous from the PSAC people for our participation

Jason welcomed and gave his thanks to the new people who have joined the executive; he also mentioned that $135 was raised at the AGM for the PIPSC Legacy Fund; Chris has sent the money to PIPSC on behalf of the Branch

Herbert stated that he was happy to be part of the Branch; he would like to see us go to our members and see what they want from us; this led to a discussion on the roles of the groups and subgroups versus the Regions and the branches, how the groups generally were responsible for mobilization and the Regions ran the Better Together campaign

  • Next meeting date
  • In March, date to be determined as it will depend on the availability of the PIPSC office; Jay will set it up in Doodle
  1.  Adjournment

Moved by Jay, seconded by Chris that the meeting be adjourned, motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.