75th Ontario Regional Council - Toronto East Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 377 Regular 31 Retired 0 Rands

Current Executive Members

Tom Yantsis Branch President

Tim Azab Branch Vice President

Sam Sehra Treasurer

Erick Cheong Secretary

Martin Campbell Member at large

Atul Kumar Member at large

Raj Jaswal Member at large

Paul Tsuji Member at large

Terrance Subryan Member at large

Pratap Francis Member at large

Previous AGM date: November 28, 2018

Next AGM date: November 2019 (TBC)

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: January 31, 2019

Next Meeting Date: May 2019 (TBC)

Number of meetings held since last Regional Council: 5

2018 Branch Activities

We have actively participated in all local committees and we have an ongoing effort to keep our members engaged, provide relevant information, and seek their feedback with all issues related to our workplace.

As we are currently in the process of bargaining, we are actively supporting our bargaining group and providing updates to our members.

We have encouraged our stewards to actively participate in local activities, and attend meetings so that they are prepared and able to assist our members in all work related issues matters.

Active participation in UMC and have attended all joint management/union meetings held.

The Toronto East Branch continues to work actively within the Ontario Region to recruit Stewards and to facilitate reducing our RAND population. This project continues from previous years and has helped the branch communicate the benefits of membership and encourage conversion to full time membership. One of our stewards resigned this year.

CRA attempted to implement a reorganization of our members in the GTA and resulted in hundreds of grievances, mailing campaign and petitions to parliament. Ultimately CRA revised the plan that was more favorable to our members. As CRA continue to finalize their proposed reorganization, we continue to be engaged in the process.

We fully support the Union Management Approach and look forward to harmonizing our relationship with local management.

In collaboration with UTE-PSAC, we held an Ice Cream event on June 19, 2018 as a member appreciation event. We used the event to mobilize members.

Issues and Concerns:

Phoenix - the issues with the payroll system continues as the government attempts to fix it.

CRA’s unilateral decision on their proposed reorganization without consulting PIPSC. We continue to recognize the impact this decision is having on our members, including low morale, limited career opportunities and general dissatisfaction with the process.

EWSP - update? Sick bank accumulated?

Staffing – CRA decision to continue to use external staffing process (Expo/Inventory), limiting our member’s career opportunities. We believe our members have the knowledge and capability to succeed in roles CRA is trying to fill through external processes. There continues to be a lack of transparency in hiring and appointments.

Reclassification review exercise needs to be done

Members on LIA were not given vacation leave credit and grievances have been filed.

Local management unwilling to provide information on acting assignments.


None at this time.

Submitted by: Tom Yantsis
Branch President