75th Ontario Regional Council - Finance Committee Report

The 2019 Finance Committee will meet for the first time this year in March at the PIPSC National Office.  The 2019 Finance Committee is composed of the following people:

Chris Roach --Chairperson

Tom Yantsis--Ontario Region

Paul Jones--NCR Region

Sharon Losinski--Prairie Region

Marilyn Best--Atlantic Region

Benoit Pelletier--Quebec Region

Dan Jones--BC Yukon Region

Dennis Britt --PIPSC Chief Financial Officer

We are scheduled to have a very productive first meeting that will identify a number of key areas that the Committee will be continuing to pursue in the future.  At our next meeting, the Committee will be preparing a budget for the next fiscal year to be presented at the AGM in November.

The Committee will be meeting four more times this year.  We will be reviewing income and expenditures, and making recommendations to the Board concerning the audit, control, investment of Institute funds, and if a dues decrease is necessary. 

If anyone has any questions or suggestions related to this Committee, please feel free to contact your Ontario Region Representative: Tom Yantsis @ (416) 561-6474 or e-mail: yantsis@rogers.com.

Respectfully submitted by: Tom Yantsis