Branch Liaison Committee Report

2018-2019 Branch Liaison Report and Communications Report

Third Annual Branch President’s Meeting

We are very pleased to report that our third Branch President’s Meeting was held prior to the 2018 Ontario Regional Council. We used this meeting to provide Branch President’s with training and best practices in the use of Facebook, Google Drive and Google Hangout. This turned out to be a difficult task for our presenters - Dean Corda, Judy Chow and Pete Jozsa due to internet connectivity issues at the hotel. The offer was made to assist Branch President’s with further assistance should they wish to begin using these tools for Branch activities.

The Branch President’s meeting coincided with the Young Professionals meeting.  This provided us with the opportunity to introduce the Young Professionals Committee members to their Branch Presidents.

We also included time for the Branch President’s to discuss their concerns, issues, best practices, needs, and challenges. This was a great avenue for the experienced Branch President’s to share their wealth of knowledge with those that were new to the role.

Branch President’s Conference Calls

We held 3 conference calls with our Branch Presidents or their designate. During these calls we covered areas of interest such are lunch and learn funding, PIPSC AGM, 2019 ORC, 2018 Steward Council, new training initiatives and updates from the Regional Executive meetings. We solicited agenda items for the next Branch President’s meeting and responded to questions and concerns.

These calls provide additional opportunities for discussion, learning, and general communication for our Branches outside of the annual ORC and Steward Council. This method of communication and sharing will continue in the coming year.


With input from our Branches and Regional Executive, two Ontario Newsletters were created. The first Newsletter was published just prior to the 2018 Steward Council. The second edition will be published just prior to the 2019 Ontario Regional Council. Thank you to all who contributed to the Newsletters.

Please continue to provide articles and pictures of activities you provide to your members. It is important for members to see the work that is done on their behalf.
Young Professionals Committee

We held the first meeting of the Young Professionals Committee prior to the ORC. Several conference calls were held which led to the creation of a survey for distribution to PIPSC members 40 and under. The survey is currently sitting with PIPSC pending mailout. A budget template was created and submitted to the BoD for approval. A second in person meeting was held after the Steward Council.

Other Activities

•We worked with Branches and the National PIPSC office to identify our Delegates for the PIPSC AGM
•Engaged with PIPSC to identify a member of our Young Professionals Committee to assist in the 2019 Young Professionals Symposium.
•Solicited ideas from Branches for Ontario Regional Executive Meetings

Other Activities (cont’d)

•Sent email communication to Branch President’s as required
•Responded to questions and concerns received from Branch President’s
•Provided updates to the Ontario Regional Executive
•Coordinated requirements around our member participation at the 2018 PIPSC AGM