Toronto ECCC Branch Exec Meeting Minutes - Monday, April 3, 2023


Bill Sukloff

Andrea Darlington

Marie Claude Archambault

Kulbir Banwait

Jian Feng

Dae Il Jeong

Diane Pendlebury

Michael Wheeler

Xiaolan Wang

Helen Yang

Lin Huang

Dennis Wintjes


Draft Agenda:

  1. Acceptance of the Agenda - Accepted
  2. Review of previous Minutes (no Minutes)
  1. Business of the day
  1. Discuss switching to hybrid executive meetings
  1. Andrea will send out a Doodle pole to find the most convenient day of the week
  1. SP Group AGM – Michael W.
  1. Andrea and Michael were present (virtually as observers).
  2. Michael: downtown Toronto.
  1. Bargaining main focus
  2. Midway through process. Met with TB 4 times. Non-monetary. Central table met to discuss common issues.
  3. All bargaining proposals are public.
  4. Next meeting in May.
  1. PSAC Strike Action
  1. Maybe the middle of April. Training for Management. 
  2. You can show support during unpaid breaks, i.e., lunch time.
  3. If you’re blocked from coming in, just follow instructions. Usually asked to wait for 10 or 20 minutes, then you’re let through the strike line.
  4. Still have to come in on your telework days.
  5. Shift workers do not have unpaid lunch, so they can’t go out to provide support. 
  6. If you have issues crossing a picket line you may request from Management to provide an escort.
  7. There will be an excluded Manager watching at all times, ready to help if escort is needed.
  1. Social events for Members
  1. ServicePlus benefits
  1. PIPSC is ready to provide an information session
  1. Ergonomics 
  1. Andrea sent enquiries to two ergonomic companies on standing offer
  1. Bowling, Zoo. 
  2. Maybe in the summer, BBQ, or bring in pizza or just ice cream near the building.
  3. Pub
  4. Bring in food truck, or ice cream truck
  5. Have games outside, in the cafeteria, or at individual desks (virtual), and not worry about food
  1. Update on 2nd Floor.
  1. Dennis: last OHS meeting, we need an additional OHS member for PIPSC
  2. Dennis asked each of us to try to find PIPSC members to volunteer for the committee. 
  3. Helen: moving furniture from one place to another, employees are asked to move workstations. 
  1. E.g., 12 monitors, 3 workstations. 
  2. The OSPC managers did a move in the last few weeks.
  3. Dennis: you can ask movers to move things. However, if program equipment. 
  4. Dennis: if you feel there could have been an OHS issue, a “near miss”, HOIR (Hazard Occurrence Incident Report)
  5. People should submit an HOIR to help Management keep people safe. It’s preventative, rather than waiting for an incident to occur. 
  6. We’re asked to work from home 100% of time until the end of April.
  7. Each time you need a mover you need to organize with Facilities.
  8. Michael suggested someone from the Thompson building to be on the committee. 
  9. Facilities is never present during the discussion. 
  10. At last meeting, 1,409 chairs on the second floor. Concerns about bathrooms, fire exits. The buildings only designed for 800 occupants.
  11. Law: number of bathrooms for 30 people. 
  1. Roundtable
  1. Diane: switch to Canada Life. Someone put in a claim but it was rejected to SunLife. 
  1. Next meeting